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UI improvements?
on: February 10, 2019, 11:41:12 AM
I have been using ASP for some time now, along with other art apps, like procreate, infinite painter, concepts, affinity etc. ASP is probably the closest to a complete art app for me, but somethings in other apps have a nicer implementation, which i think could improve ASP.

1. with the introduction of the full screen mode in the beta, i don‘t see much use for the painting mode. For my workflow i would either use the full ui, as i need selection and fill tools, and frequently go through the top menu for commands. When i want to concentrate on drawing only i would use the fullscreen mode, and switch back when i want to change tools or do other operations. The drawing mode offers not enough benefits to me to use it, it has too much UI for concentrated drawing, and too little for the rest. It would clean the UI too, if there would be only 2 modes. Perhaps a prefernces setting for the parts of the UI one wants to hide, like the one in the original AS, would be useful.

2. some more use of gestures could benefit the full screen mode. Infinite painter has the 3 finger swipe to the top or bottom to resize the brush, and left/right for opacity (or flow in ASP). This is quite elegant and works well.
A single finger swipe or swipe out gesture to expand or hide a palette could also be useful. Infinite painter has the minimal layers menu on the right, which can be expanding by swiping. I find this quite intuitive.

3. the color option would make more sense to me as it was in the original AS, at the top of the color bar, but not scrolling (like the favorite tools in the left tools bar)

4. i would like to see a permanent layers menu at the right, perhaps as a switch with the colors like the one you implemented in the latest beta between opacity/size sliders and colors. Expanding it could be done by swiping.

These are just some ideas. I think ASP already has great features, but a slightly cleaner and more logical UI would help improve even more.

Thanks for the work, i hope you can use my feedback!
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Re: UI improvements?
Reply #1 on: February 11, 2019, 08:22:35 AM
Thanks for your suggestions. Here are my answers:

1. If more users will confirm Painting mode is not useful i will add option to hide the Painting mode icon (in the top right corner).

2. In version 2.1 there is 'Finger Function When Pencil Is Connected' option in preferences.  You can set there 'Adjust Brush Size/Opacity' - then finger vertical swipe will adjust brush opacity, and horizontal swipe - brush size

3. Color toolbar can show Swatches or Color Sliders (HSB, RGB, Lab). Currently we like this simple solution.

4. I receive a lot of requests to show something permanently on the screen. It is mostly about Layers list and Color Editor (Color Wheel). As we don't want to clutter the interface currently we are not going to add that soon.


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Re: UI improvements?
Reply #2 on: February 11, 2019, 08:40:34 AM
Thanks for your response:

for 2: I did not know this, and tried it now. It is nice that is there, but the one finger gestures (except long press) are triggered too easily so I often activate it when I don't want to. To have flawless palm-rejection I always use the pencil only mode. The good thing with the 3-finger gesture is, that you won't be triggering this accidentally, which is why I like it.

for 3: I am not sure if you understood me: what I mean is to have the color square which is currently in the bottom toolbar, and have it on the right color toolbar at the top. This will always be the current color.

for 4: I know what you mean with UI clutter. This is not an absolute must, but I have seen some nice implementations of it, which I like. But if it does not fit your vision, than so be it.