Time Lapse


HDR mode is available only on iOS8! Capture amazing, Hollywood quality time lapse videos with Time Lapse! Don’t wait for the result - preview of recorded movie is visible during capturing!

Wide range of intervals allows to record most common time lapse scenes:

  • 0.5-1s: Car traffic, People walking, Fast moving clouds
  • 1s-5s: Sunset/Sunrise, Slow clouds, Daytime crowds
  • 5s-20s: Moving shadows
  • 20s-60s: Fast growing plants, Plants flourishing, Construction building, Stars, Moon


  • Interval range: 0.5s - 60s
  • Realtime Preview with battery saving
  • HDR mode (iOS 8+ only)
  • Full HD quality
  • Pinch to zoom gesture
  • Tap to set Focus/Exposure point, double tap to reset
  • Saving in Camera Roll
  • Torch


  • to improve sharpness use a tripod