Turn any photo into a surreal masterpiece with Elasticam. Stretch, squeeze, pinch and prod your prints to create magical effects with ease. Elasticam features a simple yet powerful toolset to take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary. Using the same image manipulation algorithm as professional editing software, Elasticam brings powerful image editing tools the palm of your hand. Whether you are inspired by Salvador Dali's surrealistic masterpieces or just want to give your friends crazy-eyes Elasticam is the app for you. 


  • full resolution export
  • 5 brush modes: smear, twirl, twirl ccw, grow, shrink 
  • eraser
  • pan and zoom canvas
  • 10 steps undo/redo
  • shake to reset
  • size and strength sliders
  • portrait and landscape interface support
  • load from photos or get from camera
  • save in photos, send by email

* Photos are optimized for performance while editing. Saved photos are rendered at full resolution.