Add amazing slow motion replays to videos with ReplayCam! Tap and hold replay button during recording and last the 3 seconds of video will be replayed in slow motion. App renders replay at 60/120 FPS* for ultra smooth slow motion capture. Support for all devices with iOS 7. No need to edit/render - works in real time!

Framerate of each device (30, 60, 120fps) is limited only by hardware, ReplayCam always uses max available framerate for your device.


  • Tap “Replay” button to add slow motion replay
  • Tap and Hold “Replay” button to make “replay” section longer (until button is released)
  • Smooth transition from Slow Motion to normal speed after Replay
  • Slide to Zoom (iPhone 5+)
  • Support of 240FPS (iPhone 6/6+), 120 FPS (iPhone 5s+), 60 FPS (iPhone 5/5C, iPad mini), 30 FPS (other devices)
  • Set Focus/Exposure point together or separately (double tap to reset)
  • Render in background - you can record a new video even when the previous is being rendered
  • Saving video in Camera Roll
  • Torch