Author Topic: Multi-page document support for comics, sketchbooks, pdf import/export  (Read 2113 times)


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I was wondering if there are any plans for multiple page support for ASP? This would be great for making multiple page comics/webcomics, digital sketchbooks, and making multi-page pdf import and export possible.

Many other art apps have a feature like this, some better than others. I like the way Affinity Publisher and Clip Studio Paint handle this vs Procreate’s annoying page assist that sits right at the bottom of the screen. It isn’t movable and can’t be hidden so it gets in the way of your hand a lot. In fact, they do this with their animation assist too.
I’m really happy that ASPs animation panel doesn't get in your way. Maybe we could see a “pages panel” in the future? Like the animation panel, each layer and/or group would be a page.
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it could be possible to use the animation panel for pages (thought it kind of lags a lot i gotta admit), or opening multiple pages at once as separate documents and switching between them via the 3 bar menu on the top left. the second option is what i currently do :]