Author Topic: Serious bug…cannot change default iCloud storage for document creation.  (Read 1104 times)


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C’mon Lucky Clan. I tried changing the default location where my documents can be stored in order to save my files. In this case I wanted to use Dropbox so I set the location in Settings. But when I tried to create a new document I get an error saying “Cannot import file”. And this was to create a NEW document so I’m being DENIED creating ANY new documents if the storage option is anything OTHER than iCloud.

This needs an unscheduled updated bug fix ASAP otherwise how can anybody create ANY document of ANY dimension unless they have document storage creation set ONLY to the iCloud?!

Edit: I’m using the LATEST possible iteration as of August 20th 2022. The exact error in the dialog box says “The operation couldn’t be completed. NSFileProviderError - Domain Error 1”
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Hey e-Karen, dropbox does not even appear as a location to store data/files so, instead of being such a demanding brat, could you share the steps to reproduce this “omg so cereal bug”? And meanwhile, why not use your ipad’s storage…? no free space? delete or backup stuff, not that hard.

Whenever i read your posts i cant help it but feel you don’t really care about art or the app, just complaining about the dumbest stuff, could be wrong tho  ;)

Edit. Ok, got the dropbox thing showing as a location and yeah, does not work. I'm using a different service than dropbox (and icloud) and it works, so I'm assuming is a dropbox issue, probably related to dropbox access permissions.
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