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New Lasso Box selection Transform function
on: January 18, 2021, 11:53:48 AM
I need to mirror curves A LOT for my work, and actually it is very simple to do, but software is making it harder than necessary, because the transform bounding box always defaults to perfectly horizontal and vertical lines. Here’s the workflow for mirroring planes and curves in perspective:

1. Draw a curve (blue)
2. Construct a flat plane around the curve in perspective (red)
3. Construct a mirrored plane on the other side by using perspective drawing rules (green)
4. Use the ZigZag lasso tool and select the 4 corners of the plane that contains the curve (red planes corners, circled in orange)

And now the part that needs to be improved:

5. Activate the transform tool, flip horizontally, and drag the SELECTED corners into the corners of the green plane

Problem with step 5 is that the bounding box of the transform tool is different from the lasso selection, and can not be easily placed into the green plane. It would be so easy if the 4 lasso selected points created the bounding box for the transformation.

I know infinite painter allows you to change the transformation box before doing the transformation, so it is possible, (and Artstudio should implement that too), but what I am asking for here specifically is that, when doing 4 point selections with lasso tool, then the transform tool uses the same points for the bounding box. That would save so much time  ;)
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Re: New Lasso Box selection Transform function
Reply #1 on: August 03, 2021, 02:55:38 PM
The four corner selection automatically setting the shape of the transform frame seems like a cool idea. Seems like the trickiest part would probably be just fitting it into the interface in an intuitive way. Maybe it could be generalized to work with this case and others, with a global setting "Match Transform Frame to Selection Shape" that would try to initialize the frame to the tightest fit on any shaped selection by kind of "shrink wrapping" its 4 corners to the ideal positions around the selection.

This is related to my recent thread here:
In that thread I ask for arbitrary manipulation of the transform frame, which is related to the ideas about other options/special cases for initializing it's shape in this thread.