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Brushes and organization
on: April 07, 2018, 01:36:39 PM
Hey! So I really liked the old set of art studio, and I loved how simple it was compared to other programs on the phone specially with how small phone screens are. I was wondering if there was/could be an option to have that kind of set up in the new version!

The tools in a bar you can scroll on the bottom of the screen, and the redo/undo button at the top. Also the fact that the undo is up at the top and you can hit it easily, yet it's a pain to get to the redo button is kinda unpleasant.
The color selection is also confusing, it's another thing that I liked the older apps options of grabbing colors and using those sliders.

I've never liked the sliders and just found it easier when you could double tap a brush and work with it from there rather than accidently hitting stuff and all, I'm not saying you have to change it cause of other preferences some users may have but it would be nice if there were setting options that allowed that, or you could switch something that made it have the old set up (not look cause I like the dark greys but just the organization) that would be really cool and would probably be a big reason I'd bump to the new one,  but because of those set up faults and just the amount of work you need to navigate everything I'm still using the old one.

I really had high hopes for the new one, there's always been things like the hard edges and stuff on the old art studio that I wished for improvement on but those hopes just led to disappointment when I opened the new studio. Im just hoping that maybe something comes that really makes paying for the new studio worth it, thank you for listening!!