Slow Shutter!


Capture Long-Exposure photographs with Slow Shutter! Create beautiful photos of moving objects with features usually reserved for expensive DSLRs. Version 2.0 was designed from the ground up, we used feedback from users and experts to create the highest performance Slow Shutter app ever. Slow Shutter is now easier to use, more intuitive and offers the highest quality results. It just works!


  • AUTO - Perfect for waterfalls, ghost photos and other moving objects
  • LIGHT TRAIL - Capture hypnotizing photos of night traffic, fireworks, carousels and other moving lights
  • NIGHT - Capture bright, noise-free photos in low-light conditions!


  • Real time preview.
  • Full photo resolution support in Auto and Night modes. Maximum framerate is used in Light Trail - this can be modified in iOS Settings
  • Adjust exposure in Light Trail and Night modes
  • Adjust Freeze in Auto mode
  • Tap “Shoot” button again to stop capture


  • To improve sharpness use a tripod