Chromic brings hollywood quality color-correction filters to the palm of your hand! Powered by an advanced image processing engine, Chromic loads videos as a “digital negative” and develops them into rich, expressive movies. With filters ranging from; Film Emulation, Dramatic Hollywood Environments, Authentic Vintage Aging and many more. 8 Built in filters feature examples from each of the 6 available sets. For a limited time buy all 6 sets and save!


  • 7 built in filters and Exposure adjustment feature examples from all 6 full sets
  • 7 Filter sets include: Film, Antique, Vintage, Special Effects, Split/Tone, Pastel Colors & Monotone
  • 9 adjustments: Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Vibrance, Hue, Temperature, Shadows, Highlights, Sharpenblur, Straighten
  • 4 effect: Vignette, Border, Grain, Special Effect
  • Realtime preview of video filters
  • Full screen preview in landscape mode
  • Drag left/right to scrub through videos
  • Drag up/down in filters preview to set filter strength
  • Tap to start/stop
  • Save result as a new clip
  • Or Overwrite current one - you can later revert to original version from system Photos app
  • Photo Extension support


  • All videos are stored in iOS Photo Library
  • Record new video
  • Full screen player in landscape mode, with drag to scrub
  • Detailed video information