Video Zoom


Do your videos look boring? Did you forget to use zoom during recording? Use this app to add Zoom effects to existing videos. Or just crop a video. Use it as a normal app or Video Extension.


  1. Tap video thumbnail to preview video or tap "+" to record new video.
  2. Tap thumbnail again to select the video and open editor.
  3. Use pinch/drag gestures to add zoom effect to video. You can do it when video is playing or paused
  4. Tap "Done" and select "Overwrite" or "Save As a Copy" to start rendering. Even if you choose "Overwrite" you can revert to original anytime.


  • Photo Extension support allowing you to quickly launch Video Zoom app from system Photos
  • add Video Zoom/Pan/Crop effect to existing videos
  • turn device to landscape orientation to open full screen preview
  • possibility to revert to original video from the app gallery (tap and hold on thumbnail)
  • select output quality lower or equal to original (4k/1080p/720p)
  • iOS Photo Library support (no internal library)
  • recording from Front or Back camera
  • save zoomed video as a New Clip or Overwrite