Now with full iOS8/iPhone 6/6+ support. Videon contains all the features necessary to record great videos - from capture to editing to viewing. The goal is simple - perfect videos! We combined our knowledge of cinematography with advice from industry professionals to create the most extensive video app available. Videon is your one stop app for everything video.


1. Capture

  • Intuitive, comfortable interface
  • Realtime Zoom controlled by a very intuitive Zoom Wheel (iPhone 4s+, iPod Touch 5th+, iPad 2+, on older devices video with zoom has to be rendered after recording, but it is still very smooth)
  • Different resolutions - from Full HD down, including 2.35:1 cinema format
  • Adjustable Frame Rate - you can set fixed rate, but also rate limit, for example from 24 to 30 FPS
  • Support of iOS7 high framerates: 60fps and 120fps
  • Video Stabilization
  • HDR mode
  • Save To App Documents, or to Camera Roll
  • Pause Recording (iPhone 4s+, iPod Touch 5th+, iPad 2+)
  • Take Photo during video recording (iPhone 4s+, iPod Touch 5th+, iPad 2+)
  • Switch between front and back camera even while recording (iPhone 4s+, iPod 5th+, iPad 2+)
  • Set Focus/Exposure point together or separately (double tap to reset)
  • Audio Meter (iPhone 4s+, iPod Touch 5th+, iPad 2+)
  • Set max Recording Duration
  • HDR Video (iPhone 6/6+)

2. Gallery

  • Innovative Interface
  • Detailed video information
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Marked new videos (for videos not older that 7 days, and not watched in fullscreen)
  • Delete- Save To Camera Roll
  • Import from Camera Roll
  • Take Photo from video
  • Double tap on thumbnail to open Editor

3. Editor

  • 17 Color correction filters for simulation of cinematic effects, vintage film effects and more
  • Adjust: Exposure, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Vibrance, Temperature, Highlights, Shadows; Sharpen, Blur, Straighten
  • Effects: Speed (Slow Motion, Fast Motion), Reversing, Dust, Film Grain, Flicker, Chromatic Aberration, Invert, Vignette, Frames, Add Image
  • Settings: Rotate (90/180/270), Change Aspect Ratio, Resize/Change Compression (with displaying final file size), FPS, Mute
  • Combine effects in Editor for an authentic vintage film look
  • Realtime Preview of applied effects even when video is playing!
  • Trim - with timeline zoom (tap and hold to zoom)
  • Split video to 2 or more parts
  • Merging videos