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Interface and brush grouping suggestions
on: July 02, 2020, 01:49:59 AM
Let me first say that this app is awesome, it's everything i thought procreate or photoshop for ipad will be, amazing work!

There are a few little annoying things tho (i use ipad 12.9):

1. When switching between painting mode and normal mode color strips change location form one side of the screen to the other - It makes it very annoying to learn the app and build muscle memory, since it's not consistent. I tried switching to left hand interface hoping that will fix it, but it's still happening. It would be nice if we could change on which side the color strips will be in each mode independently, since i understand that some users will prefer it like this.
Another nice tweak would be if we could custom scale the strips to be taller on the screen, so they are from top to bottom of the screen - it would allow more precise color picking, and there wouldn't be empty space top and bottom that is currently unused, and not usefull for anything

2. Unability to arrange imported brush groups - now they are automatically sorted alphabetically, and with many groups i prefer to have custom sorting, so that for instance smudge brushes go to the bottom, while watercolor brushes stay near the top

3. When importing an .abr that has many brush groups inside it, they are all imported as single group. This makes it annoying to move over larger collections of brushes, since each group needs to be exported and imported one by one

4. Another very minor idea would be to add HSL sliders too - difference is that in HSL when changing hues visual lightness stays the same, so that it's consistant, and easier to paint with. In HSB mode, yellow hue with 50 brightness will be lighter than blue hue with 50 brightness.

5. Ability to check values by switching file to grayscale, and ability to add that to quick menu. Very useful when painting. It could be silimiliar to how there is CMYK preview, just add another Grey Gamma 2.2 preview and make it assignable.

Anyway this is my favorite drawing app by far, really miles better than anything i have tried, keep up the good work!
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Re: Interface and brush grouping suggestions
Reply #1 on: July 03, 2020, 03:42:21 AM
1. It is one of the reason we merged Painting and Normal mode in ver 3.0 (it will be similar Painting mode)

2. We have it ready in version 3.0

3. We will consider improveing that in the future. However in version 3.0 it is possible to copy/paste multiple brushes from one group to another

4. We will consider doing that later, after we releas v 3.0 which contains floating colors panel

5. You can add 'Black and White' adjustment layer at the top of layers stack, and enable/disable it to quickly preview canvas in grayscale.