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[Suggestions] v2.3 beta improvements
on: September 06, 2019, 10:11:00 AM
This update brought many new features and has been great so far, but there are a couple minor issues:

1) Tools in painting mode cannot be easily rearranged as they can't be dragged.
2) Dodge and burn settings in painting mode can't be changed because double tapping them yields no result, unlike Paint and Eraser. This is also true for every tool that wasn't there in version 2.2.x.
3) Let users add more than 9 tools in Painting Mode, as there's room for many more. It would also be amazing if you could add quick menu actions too (like Edit>Transform, View>Mirror and so on). This would make painting mode as feature-rich as Normal Mode.
4) HSL adjustment hue range customization is great, one of the best implementations I've seen, but as of now the sliders are a bit laggy.
5) The reference image floating window is also a fantastic addition but it would be even better if it could also fit color sliders or swatches in the form of tabs. It will be even cooler if it could also be zoomed in and out with gestures and snapped out of the canvas when not in use, similar to iOS' PIP box. Another great addition would be the ability to choose the reference image from files, as I don't personally like the iOS' gallery and store all my images within the Files app.

Lastly I have a question regarding future updates: Are smart filters, pen tool and vector shapes planned? Adding those features will let many people abandon Photoshop and it's abysmal subscription plan, and make Artstudio Pro one of the best professional photo editing and painting programs.
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