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Artstudio Pro 1.2.2
on: April 19, 2018, 03:55:46 AM
both versions:
- decreased snapping tolerance from 15/20 to 8 points
- fixed text box moving when editing text layer
- fixed few issues with Line Height in Text tool
- fixed glitch when adding effects to layer's group
- few other small bug fixes

iOS version:
- 'Show Finger Touches' renamed to 'Visualize Touches'
- added option to show finger events only in 'Visualize Touches' in Preferences
- fixed Pencil Only icon location in fullscreen mode (iPad)
- [ and ] key shortcut on iPad with keyboard now shows brush preview
- fixed missing '3d Touch' switch in preferences (on devices with 3d touch support)
- improved zoom/pan gesture recognizing on iOS