Author Topic: curse of the cursor / rearranging tools  (Read 496 times)


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curse of the cursor / rearranging tools
on: February 02, 2019, 12:03:51 PM
(1) i turned ‘show cursor’ on and then later off to see what happened and now it will not go away even though off!  how to get rid of?  (2) how to get rid of cursor-like dot that has appeared with lasso selection? formerly selection would just snap together but now must return to irritating dot. (3) can tools be rearranged?  i’d like to push less useful ones to bottom or get rid of.

re past questions:  (1) undo changed itself into curving arrow at bottom, did not in fact disappear, though still a button saying ‘undo’ on my other ipad, a mystery. (2) THANKS SO MUCH for deciding to make ‘transform’ mutifinger.  i hope this means you are also restoring the combined move/scale/rotate function.  this would return outstandingly useful function from original AS.