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Some fancy but useful UI features for consideration.
on: October 20, 2018, 09:03:28 PM
Recently I've been using a 3D sculpting app which has some unique tool buttons which I thought would be very handy for Artstudio.
The buttons are down on the bottom VERT left of the UI where each button has an operation. A button to hold down with your finger can change the brush from PUSH to PULL, another button can paint a mask. Another button can change any brush (push, move, pinch etc) to the smoothing brush which is great coz there's no need to reach for the smooth brush. These are great time savers as you don't have to keep moving across the screen to the toolbars.

If Artstudio had a few buttons like these you could work faster and it would feel much the same as a desktop version with holding down keys on a keyboard. Photoshop uses the space bar to pan while clicking and moving the image.
Even having a button to engage the brush size without constantly returning to the brush toolbar.
Maybe having a USER assigned button for a custom operation (eraser tool, clone tool, SAVE document)
Having these features would be something that would help to make Artstudio Pro stand out from the rest of standard UI's we see out there.

Below is a link to a vid where I'm showing some of the buttons with the tools in the 3D sculpting app and I made a mock-up of the buttons in Artstudio and how they could work.
I understand this would be a great amount of work, please just consider this as inspiration for some similar ideas.

Please enjoy the cheesy music I added to the vid.  :P
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