Author Topic: More discreet brush resizing with keyboard shortcuts.  (Read 1484 times)


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I admit this is kind of a nitpick.

 I’ve been working with a keyboard these days and I’ve noticed that when you use the brackets to resize the brush, a dialog appears in the middle of the screen to give you visual feedback on your brush adjustment.

The thing is that when I work with just the iPad it makes perfect sense because I move my pen in order to use the bottom sliders so this dialog is not getting in the way of anything when it appears. But when I use the keyboard I don’t move my drawing hand from where it’s placed when resizing because my other hand rests on the keyboard adjusting the brush size on the fly.

The brush dialog in that case usually pops up somewhere under the tip of my pencil, right where all my focus is while drawing and it’s getting a bit distracting. It feels like an unnecessary pause in the workflow after a while.

Maybe the visual feedback when using the keyboard brackets could be to display just the cursor of the current brush on screen on the exact spot where the pencil touched last. I think that would make the experience much more seamless. A simpler way would be to not have the dialog at all, leaving the brush sliders at the bottom as the only visual feedback in that case.

I’m wondering if anyone else finds that annoying.


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Re: More discreet brush resizing with keyboard shortcuts.
Reply #1 on: July 17, 2018, 05:12:34 PM
Yes, i had one or two similar reports. I will think about it.