Author Topic: Transform > Scale; and Paint > Mirror; and Undo/Redo  (Read 1945 times)


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Transform > Scale does not have Percentage adjustment. (Difficult to adjust % just by eyeballing the Indicator popup). More useful - and more logical, I'd think - for Scale transform (rather than changing Size by Pixel Dimensions).
All other Transform options have numeric values in Bottom Bar but not Scale.
In Scale > Other, the Bottom Bar options are repeated. There looks to be room enough for Percentage to be available in Bottom bar?

Also... In Paint > Symmetry : it's an Either-Or, Horiz or Vert, but both are always highlighted (so not obvious which is active if Visible is set to Off),  but also it suggests it would be a both ways (diagonal) effect (which would be useful).
And, as it is, 'Enabled' seems redundant: just selecting either H or V enables symmetry.

And... Would it be possible to have a continuous press to multiple undo/redo. (Or maybe that's possible now , and I've just not discovered how).

Finally... Can I add my voice to the idea of a User-editable Quick Menu. So very useful.

(PS... Thanks for adding continuous press for Transform >Nudge. And for other changes and additions).
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Re: Transform > Scale; and Paint > Mirror; and Undo/Redo
Reply #1 on: May 18, 2018, 08:45:59 AM
a) at the moment you can type values in Width/Height textfields in "More...", you have to multiply current width * percent by yourself.
We will consider improving that later, i already have this on my todo list

b) symmetry line can be configured to any angle, you have to drag line endings. Treat "Horizontal" and "Vertical" buttons as "Reset to Horizontal" and "Reset to Vertical"

c) Did you try to tap and hold Undo/Redo? It should work

d) Quick Menu will be added probably in version 1.4


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Re: Transform > Scale; and Paint > Mirror; and Undo/Redo
Reply #2 on: May 22, 2018, 07:15:18 AM
Ah, yes - it does work (I thought I’d remembered having it working before!)...

But (just to mention) I find it only works (continuous press = continuous undo/redo) if in Preferences ‘Show Redo’ is set to ON. Otherwise it’s still necessary to press separately for each undo/redo.


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Re: Transform > Scale; and Paint > Mirror; and Undo/Redo
Reply #3 on: May 26, 2018, 07:30:45 PM
Wrote about it, but it's a good thing to repeat. The whole transformation menu is overcomplicated. There is enough to have two modes: regular and free. The regular should feature a standard 8-point box plus a rotation handle like most of the modern apps. Four corner one do proportional scaling, 4 midsection ones - non-proportional scaling or sewing (depending whether you move normally or tangentially). Free mode should be the same as now. The only thing left is perspective, but it could be a switch: skew/rotate somewhere. And the transform box should appear right there in the canvas, not in a separate window, because editing in the context is the most important thing.