Author Topic: Left handed mode, brush/canvas rotation, autosave, fit screen gesture/button  (Read 917 times)


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First of all I love this app its way better than Procreate, only few details bothering me.

-no left handed mode
-rotating canvas rotate only view not canvas itself, and brush is positioning according to canvas position not UI position.
-auto save in background recent one is distracting
-fit screen/default position gesture or button

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- left hand mode - we will release it in verion 1.3or 1.4
- rotating canvas - i don't get the question. To rotate image content - use Image>Flip/Rotate. Or select all layer and tap edit-transform.
- autosave in background - i'm afraid it is not possible to do, sorry. Saving uses OpenGL/Metal, and they can work only in foreground on iOS.
- fit screen - there are 2 gesture you should know: Double tap on "Pan" tool icon ("Hand") to "zoom to fit". Double tap on Zoom icon ("Magnifier") to zoom to 100%.