Author Topic: A couple of little bugs and a couple of suggestions.  (Read 1295 times)


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Hello there.
First and foremost, amazing program !
Really, it's the most complete and practical of its kind in the appstore.

Now to the bugs:
1- If you merge two layers inside a group they merge with the opacity of the group. That is not a problem if the group its at 100% opacity, but if its less, it's a problem.
An example of this: make a group with 3 layers; the group at %50 opacity; the layers at 100%; merge 2 layers; the resulting layer its at 50% (the layer menu says 100% but you see the change) inside the group that already its at 50%.

2- Sometimes if you touch the screen fast it duplicates your last stroke. Its a random thing.

3- The undo with 2 fingers frequently makes a move or a zoom instead. Maybe it's a tolerance thing in the gesture or my fat fingers :)

Now to the suggestions:
1- Like others have voted, a Floating / permanent color wheel would be amazing :)

2- Speaking of color wheel, HSL with color wheel at the same time.

3- A Quick menu / pie menu / tool box or some other way of fast access to selected tools.

4- Easier access to the secondary color of the brush.

5- Better reading in layer menu. ¿Color tagging or more visual offset of masks layers and clipping layers maybe?

That's it.
Thanks for the constant updates and involvement with the program. :)

Lucky Clan

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Re: A couple of little bugs and a couple of suggestions.
Reply #1 on: March 26, 2018, 04:44:07 AM
1. I reproduced the problem, fixing it now.
2. I cannot reproduce this, you you record that on video?
3. I will try to improve this


1. It is already on my todo list
2. What do you mean?
3. I already have "tool reordering". And you have favorite tools (star icon). Currently i'm not goind to add more "quick access" features.
4. Brush secondary color is used only in Dynamic-Aux Color and Jitter-Aux Color. I will consider adding it in Paint tool's "More..." popover
5. Sorry, I think it is ok now.


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Re: A couple of little bugs and a couple of suggestions.
Reply #2 on: May 27, 2018, 06:55:15 PM
Sorry for the late reply.
Thanks for fixing the bugs :)

What I meant with the suggestion of the color wheel with HSL (Hue - Saturation - Luminance) or HSB (Hue - Saturation - Brightness) its something like the attached image.

This kind of panel configuration allows you to make fast changes and precise changes at the same time. You can do this right now, but the options are scattered in various panels and take a lot of unnecessary clicks.

And cutting to the case. :)

----There is a bug that happens when you are in full screen and make an adjustment layer. The two top right buttons of layers and full screen disappear, so you can't exit full screen or acces the layers.

----The repeat last stroke bug. Saw that a few other people also reported this (but I didn't test it in 1.2.3). I think it's a timing with the undo / redo stack. Like it registers a redo without the undo that make it possible, so it makes the last stroke duplicate. Just an idea.


-Make the ELASTIFY FILTER a repeatable action, like the other filters with “apply last filter”. So you could apply it to other layers.
Because it's what make it really powerful in a non-destructive workflow.
Example of workflow steps in Photoshop:
-We have a Line layer of a character, a Flats layer of the same character and a Background layer.
1- I would copy merge the entire thing.
2- Paste that flatted layer on top.
3- Liquify it.
4- Turn that layer off.
5- Go to each layer and hit the repeat command.
With these method you can liquify without having to merge your layers.

Thanks for everything guys.
Cheers !

Lucky Clan

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Re: A couple of little bugs and a couple of suggestions.
Reply #3 on: May 28, 2018, 03:45:29 PM
HSL/HSB permanent wheel - we will consider implementing it later this year.

Adjustment layer bug in full screen - we will fix it asap.

Undo/redo bug - i think it is fixed in 1.2.3. If it happen again please let me know.

Elastify repeat - i will add this option in version 1.3