Author Topic: Bug report on v3.0.6, I just found 3 new bugs,it is already 10 bugs totally!  (Read 371 times)


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[Version]:ArtStudio Pro for iOS v3.0.6(564)

[Device Used]:iPhone 8

[Bug Description]:

Bug8:In transform tool(enter from "edit"),the confirm icon is not round,but an ellipse,why?!

Bug9:In Layer Options window,when you pull up the page,the text will overlap.

Bug10: If you opened Layer Options window,and then open brush window or color window,the Layer Options window will not withdraw.I think it is a bug,because other setting pages don't have this problem,just in Layer Options window.

When will 3.0.7 come out? I can't wait to see these 10 bugs be totally resolved!

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I think most bugs you reported is fixed now. Can you test them and refresh the bugs list?