Author Topic: ARTSTUDIO PRO 2.3: CMYK profile don’t match the right colors...  (Read 1629 times)


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Hello! Today I’ve tried the version 2.3 of Artstudio Pro with an iPad Pro. It’s really amazing app, but there is a greatb problem for me: I make artworks for the prints, so I work exclusively with the CMYK color profile and I need to be able to shift between Photoshop and Artstudio Pro.

I tried to open an artwork made with Photoshop with the CMYK color profile in Artstudio Pro but, even if I enable the new CMYK view, the colors looks pretty different form the PSD original version.

Is there any chance to fix this problem and to make possible to work directly in CMYK instead to “only” simulate it? The Affinity Photo for ipad has this feature, but I really should like to work with Artstudio Pro, given a loto of other features that Affinity Photo doesn’t have.