Author Topic: Suggestion & Bug: iOS 13 style Undo/Redo & Drawing Mode Tool Problems  (Read 1369 times)


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Suggestion: I think it would be beneficial to add an option that would allow for Undo/Redo to be more like the one introduced in the new update (Three finger swipe left Undo, Three finger swipe right Redo). With of course being an option to switch back to the two finger/three finger tap if you wish.

Bug: For some reason when ever I try to make a perfect Line/Square/Circle, it won't let me.

Like when I try to use my Apple Pencil then use my finger to create a perfect shape or a specific line angle, it ignores it whenever I release my finger or pencil.

Oh and the ability to snap to angles with the line tool is acting really inconsistent, sometimes it let's me move snaps and sometimes not. Same thing with the Freehand & Line tool.
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iOS 13 undo gestures/bar was added inversion 2.3 which is still waiting for review. We hope it is available soon, we submitted it over a week ago...

Bug you reported - please give us more details, send feedback using Artstudio>Send Feedback from the app.