Author Topic: [Bug] Tabbing to other app causes reset to progress to last save  (Read 730 times)


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Program resets to last save point only sometimes; and often at the most inconvenient times; if I tab to another app. I need to get in the habit of saving before I tab in order to avoid this egregious error.

Currently I am working on a large commission so perhaps it is a memory issue? I use an iPad Pro 2018 12.9. I am working on a 8000x6000 400 dpi canvas for poster print capability.

If I accidentally tab out (because often it is unintentional) and go right back into artstudio pro, it will show the “Opening File” dialog window in which case I know it has done exactly what I am having an issue with.

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Re: [Bug] Tabbing to other app causes reset to progress to last save
Reply #1 on: September 05, 2019, 03:48:59 AM
This is how iOS works. iPad RAM memory is limited. So every time you switch from app to another system may kill any app that is staying in background. It just must free some memory so new app may use it.

When Artstudio Pro is minimized it saves current document, so if system will kill it document progress is not lost.