Author Topic: Opttion - autoset: brush engine (pencil, paint, wet paint) for brush presets  (Read 651 times)


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I’m new to iOS and I tried procreate and Artstudio, and already I like artstudio more.
One thing that was bit hard to get, was: In other painting softwares usually user has brush preset,  and this brush preset may use one of few paint engines (in AStudio: pencil, paint, wet paint).
Problem I have is, I made wet brush preset but I can’t save it as such. I have to switch constantly between brush engines, then brush preset (I imagine it will be hard, after some time, to remember which brush preset used which brush engine). So I just wish for brush presets to have option auto-set preferred brush engine.
Also I noticed bug, when selecting Fav brushes (star icon), brush engine always resets to Paint.

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I agree. We are going to improve that later this year.