Author Topic: Pencil reverts to paintbrush - inconvenient!  (Read 469 times)


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Pencil reverts to paintbrush - inconvenient!
on: May 01, 2019, 05:38:20 AM
In recent versions of ArtStudio Pro, I am experiencing a bug with the pencil tool.  When I am working on a drawing using the pencil (my most common tool), it keeps defaulting to the paintbrush tool. 

Most specifically, I see it happening when I make a selection and then tap a color.  Every time I do this, the pencil becomes a paintbrush and I have to reselect the pencil before I can work:

1.  Choose pencil
2.  Select rectangle
3.  Tap “red”
4.  Pencil becomes paintbrush

This happens many times in creating a single image, and it is obviously very inconvenient.  It may be happening in situations beyond the one I described as well - I’m not sure. 

Beyond that, I would love for there to be a way to make the pencil tool my default.  I rarely use the paintbrush and having to reset my pencil every time I open a drawing is inconvenient.

I hope you can provide a fix for this problem soon; it is greatly affecting my workflow.

Also, one additional wish that I have requested in the past and been promised, but don’t see yet:

In the old ArtStudio, there was a filter —> render —> waves function that was very useful in creating patterns.  It is missing in the new version and very missed.  Please add it back!

Thanks, Mary