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Artstudio Pro 2.1
on: February 26, 2019, 08:10:46 AM
both versions:
• added Color Management: Image>Color Profile>Assign / Match.
• add support of P3 Wide Gamut if you set Display P3 profile or load photo with Display P3
• added Lock Pixels layer option
• added option in Preferences to save Screen Video in 4K quality
• you can now add any tool to Favorite Presets popover
• now changing active colour activates Paint tool if current tools doesn’t need a colour (you can disable this in Preferences)

• added new SMOOTHING method, smoothing rope is now elastic and stroke looks much better
• added ‘Blend Each Stamp’ brush setting
• added ‘Each Stroke’ and ‘Rotation’ options in Brush settings (available in Brush Editor > Aux Stamp).
• added ‘Blend Transparency’ brush settings, used by Wet Paint tool
• added Behind and Erase blending modes, so now Paint and Fill tools can erase instead of paint
• added few new brushes
• now Size Dynamics/Tilt scales only in one direction, and it uses stylus Pressure

• added Freehand & Line drawing mode - just hold down a bit longer to draw perfect straight line
• added option to hide Bounding Box in Edit>Transform
• Bucket Fill/Pattern Bucket Fill improvements: added Reference Layer, added Behind and Erase blending mode, added Expand option
• Drawing Mode and Smoothing are now tool setting, so now it doesn’t change when you switch brushes.
• Eyedropper now ignores fully transparent pixels
• added option to adjust final result (Multiplier) in Elastify

• added loading Text Layer from PSD (now both raster and hidden text layer are added)
• added option in Preferences to hide Smoothing Rope
• added ‘Keep Softness’ switch in Select>Contract/Expand/Smooth
• added button to Reset Horizon Angle in Perspective Grid Settings
• improved Move tool with selections - now you can move selected area multiple times without erasing content below
• improved performance when working on large documents
• improved PSD import/export
• many other small improvements and bug fixes

iOS version:

• added Real Fullscreen Mode on iPad activated using icon in top right corner, so now we have: Normal Mode, Painting Mode and Fullscreen Mode
• added option to show color swatches/sliders in Painting mode (in place of size/opacity sliders)
• now tapping active tool icon in Painting Mode shows popover with tool options
• added option to set specific function for finger (not Pencil) events: Normal, Eyedropper, Eraser, Smudge, Show Quick Menu, Changing Brush Size/Opacity customisable in Preferences
• now changing active colour activates Paint tool if current tools doesn’t need a colour (you can disable this in Preferences)
• added option in Preferences to display Undo/Redo at the top on iPad
• smooth animation when rotating canvas to neutral angle

• you can now add tools to Quick Menu action list
• added Zoom In and Zoom Out to action list
- added new Erase and Behind blending modes to action list
• added option in Preferences to use 3-finger swipe to show Quick Menu

• added Pressure Curve editing in Preferences
• added Multitouch mode in Edit>Transform, added option to hide Bounding Box
• you can now touch screen with second finger (or press Shift) to keep 1:1 aspect ratio or snap angle to 15 degrees when creating Rectangle/Ellipse/Line in Paint and Select tools
• Sample Mode button in Eyedropper changed to segment button
• added Control+Option+Touch Move shortcut to change brush size on iPad
• added Cmd + and Cmd - shortcuts on iOS to Zoom In/Zoom Out


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Re: Artstudio Pro 2.1
Reply #1 on: February 28, 2019, 06:35:44 AM
I was not even too lazy to register on your forum, just to say thank you, great product and great update for it, keep up the good work. With this update you have made my work even more convenient! :)