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Brush cursor/hover issues
on: November 02, 2023, 01:16:25 PM
I just got an M2 ipad pro and I was very excited to use it for digital art, especially with apple pencil hover. However, it seems like there are some issues with the brush cursor, and I'm wondering if those any way to fix this? There appear to be 3 cases (examples in parentheses):

1. Cursor is accurate both while hovering and when the stylus touches the screen. (Digital round)

2. The hover outline is large, and does not reflect the actual size of the brush, and when the pencil touches the screen, then it shrinks to the actual size of the brushstroke. (plain ink)

3. The outline is always bigger than the actual brushstroke, both while hovering and not. (digital bristle)

For a point of reference, I noticed Procreate had the issue of case 2, but increasing the size of the hover outline in settings solved it. I have tried looking for a setting for this in ArtStudio Pro, but no luck so far.

Is there any way for this to be resolved? I really would love to be able to use ArtStudio Pro to its fullest extent, and this issue is preventing that.