Author Topic: BUG: Resize Indicator offset when using "Last Location When Resizing"  (Read 2260 times)


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When I turn on the setting "Show Cursor At The Last Stroke Location When Resizing", the cursor appears about an inch and a quarter below where my brush stroke ended. That's an inch and a quarter in the real world. The offset is always 1.25 inches measured with a ruler held up against my physical screen regardless of canvas resolution or canvas ppi or canvas zoom level. So it's off by a constant (264ppi screen * 1.25 inches) 330 screen pixels. That's in the usual landscape mode.

If I turn the iPad to portrait mode, I can't predict where on the screen the resize indicator will show. It seems like when I move the end of my drawing stroke downwards, then the resize indicator position moves further to the right. And when I move the end of my drawing stroke to the right, it moves the resize indicator position further up. It's like it's still using portrait orientation to guide how the resize indicator moves.

I'm running ArtStudio Pro 5.1.8 (935) on iPadOS 16.3 on a first generation iPad Pro 12.9.

Thank you for all your hard work!