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Suggestion: different workspaces
on: October 10, 2022, 07:20:24 AM
Hi again!
A bit off topic, but I wanted to say this first: I can’t be happier with the app and the updates we’re getting! I’m always spreading the word and trying to bring people to switch to ASP, the BEST drawing app on iPad by far!

Now for the suggestion: it would be nice for my workflow (and maybe for others as well) to be able to set different "workspaces" with a specific set of tools (and settings, maybe? But this might be trickier I suppose) for different stages of any given process. In my case, I’d like to have a sketching/inking workspace, a flatting/coloring one, and a painting/rendering one, each with a given set of tools/favorites on the toolbar, as they’re all quite different workflows and require a very different sets of tools. It would be a timesaver to be able to switch between them (let’s say through the preferences panel—>interface, probably?). This would allow for a more compact set of tools and presets for each stage of the process, without having to swipe through the toolbar and/or having way too many items in the quick menu.
Hope you might consider adding this! It would be cool to know also if more users are interested in this feature being added. Thanks in advance!


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Re: Suggestion: different workspaces
Reply #1 on: October 10, 2022, 06:34:02 PM
could be nice to have