Author Topic: Pan Doesn't Stay Panned  (Read 702 times)


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Pan Doesn't Stay Panned
on: May 24, 2022, 10:59:20 AM
Weird title, I know! Basically, since a document in ASP takes up the entire main window and can't really be moved, I tried panning the document area to one side so I can possible have a reference image over the area next to the panned document, but if I click anywhere after that, the panned document moves back to it's original position. Hope this makes sense.

I bought this app (desktop version) mainly for the brush engine. I mainly use Photoshop, and this looked like a good purely paint option. I think it needs some "fixes" before any new features are added. It's almost "there", but seems to fall short on some basic functionality.

That's just my two cents.