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Edit favorite brush preset
on: January 18, 2022, 12:28:02 PM
I do not think it is possible to edit fav brush preset, right? The way it is now we have to:
 - find fav brush in brush editor (good luck finding it, if u  forgot where 'original' brush was saved it)
 - edit brush and save
 - remove old fav brush version from fav list
 - add new edited brush version to fav list.
Damm its complicated.
I wish devs would add edit  fav brush button:

This wold automatically bring us to proper category and brush in brush editor.
Also it would be great if Fav brush - settings would be instanced/shared with 'original' (source brush) brush it was created from. Meaning if I edit 'original'  brush settings in brush editor, the fav brush will be updated too (this would save us from performing two last steps from list above).

The only downside of linking fav brus, to 'original' brush - there would have to be info when removing original brush :'U are going to remove brush which is also placed in Fav category. U sure?' or something like this.  If user select 'Yes' - then both 'Original' brush and same brush in 'fav list' would be removed.
Thx for 4.0 update btw.
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Re: Edit favorite brush preset
Reply #1 on: January 20, 2022, 05:39:27 AM
In fact it is "Favorite Tool" list, not "Favorite brush" list. After adding a brush to this list it is no more associated with original brush. You can modiffy or delete original brush, and it will stay on Favorite list.

To edit favorite tool brush you can do it this way:
- select Fav item
- open Brushes panel, tap "..." and pick "Edit Current Brush"
- modify some brush properties in editor
- finally go to Favorites panel, tap "+", then "Add Current", and finally remove the old one


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Re: Edit favorite brush preset
Reply #2 on: January 20, 2022, 07:49:59 AM
I did not know about 'edit current' brush.  Maybe this button could be also added to the Fav tools (like shown in my previous image) ?
BTW. if Fav tool  would link to Instance of brush - rather than it being copy of brush, then we would not have to go through : delete old preset, add updated preset steps.  Any update to base preset, would update linked instances immediately.