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text tool still bugged
on: June 03, 2021, 02:15:07 PM
Lots of bugs with the text tool:

- If you create a text and, while the text tool is selected, you delete the layer, the text remains on the screen
- If i try to change any numeric value from the text tool option while the text i want to change the values is selected, after pressing any button from the number pad (arrow up and down included), the number pad auto closes and the text gets deselected, making it imposible to select a precise number and if i need a negative number, for kerning for example, i need to click down arrow once, select text, click
- Sometimes the text becomes invisible and wont reappear until i click the hidden text on the canvas with the text tool, undo/redo wont make it visible. For example, if you are in a text layer and u are editing a text but then change to a different layer and change the active tool from text to paint tool for example, the text is invisible until you click it with the text tool...
- If i rotate the canvas while the text tool is selected and im editing a text, the text wont rotate with the canvas making it imposible to read in some cases due to the text not following the design im working on (example, white text is no over white background because is not following the rotation). I assume it has a valid reason/limitation behind that behaviour but looks really weird to the point of feeling like a bug.

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Re: text tool still bugged
Reply #1 on: June 03, 2021, 04:24:04 PM
Thanks, we will fix the issues asap. At least some of them.