Author Topic: Brush rotation responsiveness and ruler precision issues  (Read 1346 times)


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Would it be possible to make brushes using the “initial stroke” stamp angle setting more responsive?
The attached image shows how many pixels it takes for such a brush to actually make a mark at different zoom levels (I would stop the stroke as soon as a mark appeared). I don’t know how much of it is the hardware and how much the software, but for comparison, on a laptop with equivalent ppi, this translates to around a millimeter or two of pencil movement in photoshop to around 5 on ipad. This is very distracting, but it also means that changing the stroke direction within those 5mm changes the angle from the actual initial direction to an average (so starting horizontal and ending the 5mm stroke on a vertical gives you a 45 degree angle instead of 0/90), making any chisel type brush extremely unsatisfying to use.
I don’t have photoshop on ipad, so I can’t compare it there, but in paintstorm (the only other app where I managed to find the feature) the stroke seemingly starts immediately, but has a rather noticeable rate of error in the angle.
I would very much appreciate it if the threshold could be shortened, as I don’t think 5mm is really necessary to establish the initial stroke direction unless there is something underneath the hood I am unaware of.

Also, there is a sizeable displacement between the actual cursor/pencil position and the ruler markers for some reason.

Thank you.