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This is a digital art pack, containing textures and other resources which allow the user to use fine arts canvas and paper textures.

All resources are obtained from real media, scanned and tweaked.
The provided resources are distributed for free. Publishing and modification is allowed, except commercial use which is NOT ALLOWED.

The provided resources are universal (all graphic software), with the addition of extra resouces for Artstudio Pro and Procreate apps.

What’s included

This pack contains:
   8 paper textures: 3 pastel paper textures, 1 offset paper texture (for graphite), 2 linen canvas, 2 watercolor papers

·    Color Swatches for Artstudio Pro and Procreate. There’s also included a .jpg image for any graphic software usage

·    All textures as seamless 1000 x 1000 pixel texture in .jpg format. Usable in any software
·    All textures as DIN A3 texture (420 x 297 mm at 300 dpi, 4960 x 2507 pixels)

·    3 base documents which can be used as templates for Artstudio Pro

·    1 presset for Artstudio Pro containing all textures
• This User Guide

Download link available at:

For more varied texture, check this other free texture pack: