Author Topic: Suggestions: Eye dropper in fullscreen just like procreate + other issues [Ipad]  (Read 4315 times)


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I'm a professional freelance illustrator for almost 8 years now and I would like to share some suggestions with the developers.
I've been using procreate before and I just discovered Artstudio pro. I think it can easily beat procreate if not for these few suggestions below.

  • Eye dropper in full screen mode - it would be great if this works by holding it down then once you release it, it goes back to brush automatically just like in procreate. It seems that this is the fastest method while using a tablet device and procreate understands that.
  • Opacity Slider - Most professional artists I know do not use the flow slider. It would make painting easier if the default was an opacity slider instead because this offers more control on the maximum strength of the paint. Using flow makes the paint uneven and muddy which is a no-no in painting.
  • Increase video recording quality - would it be possible to increase the video recording quality? Most people expect a clear HD 1920x1080 size for youtube videos, right now all recorded videos are too pixelated. This would also be great marketing for Artstudio Pro to potential customers. I want to be able to regularly post my process at youtube by using artstudio pro but right now, the quality is below acceptable standards.

BONUS: Adding a time spent information would be useful to know how long I have been painting on one artwork.

I hope Artstudio will be more popular with artists to be honest. It has most of the necessary features needed and there is almost no learning curve for people who already know Photoshop. It just needs better marketing with popular artists I think.

Anyway, thanks for reading!
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Eyedropper icon in fullscreen will b e added in version 1.4
Long press gesture to quickly activate eyedropper is there. It works with both finger and Pencil. You can adjust the delay in Artstudio>Preferences: 'Eyedropper Delay'

Opacity slider - we will release many new brushes soon, i will take it into account. Currently you can enable "Prefer Opacity Slider" in Brush Editor>General (then overwrite the brush) to show Opacity slider instead of the Flow.

Video recording quality - indeed we are using video size that fits in 1072x1072 square. We are doing this to save disk space (high resolution video files are huge) and diminish lags when adding new frame to video after each stroke.


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Thanks for the quick reply! Wow I am looking forward to version 1.4 for the eyedropper!

Ok, I will just change my brush settings for each brushes.

I really hope the video size can be increased in the future. 1920 x 1080 is already very close to 1072 x 1072. Hope it can be possible someday.

Thanks again for this wonderful app!


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I have both an iPad Pro and a XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro pen display , I love the iPad. It is pricey, but honestly it’s so so so good. As for apps, I really like Procreate a lot.  which was nice for sketching but lacking tools that I wanted. I also got the xp-pen Artist 12 Pro because I use photoshop, illustrator, and clip studio. it does have the professional edge.