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Hi, I’ve had my issues with the iOS native folder system since the implementation earlier this year. It’s extremely bothersome and not nice for quickly scrolling through files and folders. I’ve hated this from the get go but alright. But today it got me into an extremely uncomfortable and unacceptable situation.
I was drawing while around my family and my nephew wanted to look at my paintings. So I clicked out of the painting to open the files and instead of going to the designated ASP folder in my iCloud where all my files are sorted into neat folders and kept safe from the eyes of little kids, it went straight to the “recent” tab in the files system. Which is a HUGE issue since I make money on the side drawing nsfw content. And my nephew saw all my recent, extremely sexual commissions. He’s 9. And I had to explain what he saw to him, which was not at all age appropriate content.
This can’t happen. At any point. I use my ipad to draw sfw and nsfw content and one accidental press of a button can’t just show all of that. If ASP absolutely needs to use apple’s folder system (which is s broken mess of a system anyways) it should at least have the curtesy to open it’s own folder before opening any recent filed or whatever. There might be sensitive content in those recent files that should only be shown VERY consciously. And if that’s not an option, there needs to be some way to hide some files/folders from showing in the “recent” tab. But THIS is absolutely NOT acceptable and I can’t be the only one utterly frustrated and aggravated with this “feature”.
I love ASP, but this NEEDS to change.


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Re: Returning to specific folder / disable recently opened tab
Reply #1 on: December 13, 2022, 06:12:55 AM
The inability to hide/disable the "recents" tab on the Files app is one of the most annoying things Apple has done with iPadOS, I don’t think ASP devs can change that inside the app. In my experience however, ASP has never jumped to any folder other than its own.