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Thanks and Suggestions - iPad
on: July 15, 2019, 05:07:18 AM

Another very impressive, feature-packed update. Many thanks.  (Only sad to think how many might join those perhaps already overlooked or unappreciated because of lack of documentation)?

A) Great to have light interface! Being greedy, any chance of a choice of greys?

B) Side panels (Layers, Colour etc) accessible as 3 states: Full width ; Minimised, essential use, width (as Painter,  Sketchbook) ; Hidden

C) Selection view : Always visible with new selection.

D) Mentioned before, I think, but so so useful: possible to have a second image open to be used as reference image or colour mixer.

E) Colour Palette. Too many Colour Mode Sliders open at once. More distracting than useful. (And not all show completely anyway). And did I read a colour wheel was on your to-do list?

F) Opacity/Flow sliders. I know you’ve said they can’t both be on bottom bar because of fitting smaller devices. My view: a) they do not need to be so wide - right half of Flow slider has minimal effect as does left half of brush size slider. b) The sliders in ‘More’ are narrower and work perfectly well - particularly with the numerics pop-up, which would allow the same fine settings as a slider of any width). (By the way, Photoshop’s of course are tiny by comparison).

G) A previous suggestion you might remember…. Impasto: you seemed to respond well to the idea in my post last year…

I wonder if it might be on the horizon? A standout feature I’d say. In more ways than one (Attached basic example made in ASP - but with difficulty!)…


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Re: Thanks and Suggestions - iPad
Reply #1 on: July 15, 2019, 05:14:24 AM
Actually our main goal is to improve brushes (most of them will be designed from scratch), and also simplify brush editing.

We will be working on other things later.