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I will try to change animation time from 0.15 to 0.1

Some features are easy to implement and gives nice results.
Some others are hard to implement and almost nobody will notice it ;)

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Not sure if a bug
on: June 28, 2022, 04:21:47 PM
We don’t want to save it. It can be a bit hard to find this when somebody will change it by mistake.
So app restart will bring back pressure/tilt sensitivity

It is available in the latest beta.

Thanks for the suggestion, we will consider this improvement asap

It will be fixed in new beta

I get it. We will fix it asap.

Stroke the select - you can use Select > Border, then Edit > Fill (or bucket fill).

Number of memory markers - we will consider changing max count from to 5 to 8

We will try to fix the asap

Yes, some adjustments are very similar, we will consider importing them in the future.

Adjustment layers are not imported because we don't have many adjustment options from photoshop so imported document would look much different...
I have used brightness/contrast, curves and exposure layer. My issue is, these layers although present in the layers panel are not working like they don’t exist at all. Are you saying that the results of these layers will be different in desktop photoshop and art studio pro because that is still okay but the layers not working at all is the issue here.
If I open the same file in clip studio paint then all layers are working and showing the same photoshop kind of results as they should.

1) fixed in new beta (build 821)
2) you can open only artsutdio documents here. It was always working like that. But you can long press grayed filed and "share" it to Artstudio

2nd issue - you can switch from iCloud to On My iPad in Document Browser

1) in the future
2) it is available in new beta (build 821)
3) you can add stroke in Layer Effects (tap Fx icon in Layers panel)

Ist issue
I am on iPad OS 16 and following things are not working.
1) Exporting the files from Procreate and then sending it to Art Studio pro is not working. (It worked on iPad OS 15)
2) Going to file manager and opening any psd file is also not working.
3) Opening Files app from Art studio pro and then trying to open any psd is also not working. The PSD file is greyed out.

Only way right now to open a PSD files is
File> New >New from file.

2nd issue
Is there any way to store files locally instead of storing on icloud? Some other useful option like G drive/ One drive or local storage is needed. Also, Is there any way I could save a psd file instead of art Studio own version and then save future edits on that psd files?

Features request
1) Autoshape editing after lifting the pen.

2) Brush memory markers on the brush side panels. Right now, Procreate has 5 of such markers. Art Studio pro with longer sliders could have 10. I think it is a very clever feature and supplements the need to have a dedicated brush size panel like Clip stuido paint.

3) Can we have a stroke feature? I read that you are implementing pen tool so stroke will be even more useful in future. You can put stroke in 'select' menu above 'contract' option.

4) Shift click lines. In photoshop, If we hold shift and then start putting brush dots anywhere on canvas then Photoshop automatically start joining the dots by straight lines. It is very helpful to draw things with straight lines precisely. It is far better than autoshape for straight line drawing.

Thank you :)

I cannot reproduce that, could you send me a video showing the issue?

It should be ok in the latest beta

We will leave current (wider) sidebar.

It will be considered in new major versions, after we publish 4.1

Any chance of implementing an optional scaling down of the interface , at least all floating panels?
I think the option to choose a 75% scale maybe is a good idea 👍

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