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Yes, sounds really cool. We will consider add it in beta asap.

Thanks for the suggestion, i like it ;)

We can consider more complex timeline in the future.

I understand, however i bet you delete/add a single item from time to time. I put  "Search" on the todo, but it has to wait...

We implemented unified Merge in Layers panel, it will be available in new beta. Merge items in the menu were not changed.

Thanks for mockups. It is ok, maybe we will make similar improvements in the future.

It make sense, however it can be confusing for new users. They will see 3 different colors in Colors panel, and it will take time to learn what is what. Maybe we need list (optional) with multiple previous colors, i'm not sure.

One more thing - place for new triple color control is ok for WHeel mode, but not for other modes (square, sliders)...

Active area was increased a bit weeks ago in the App Store version.

It seems increasing sidebar width is not the good idea, maybe it should be redesigned from scratch...
I will publish version with increased width in new beta so you can test it. But then i will probably go back to original width .

About the wheel - we have already implemented something similar 2 years ago, but finally drop it because of two disadvantages:
- it doesn't show current brush size (slider show it as an orange part)
- it is not possible to add tap gesture to quickly set wanted size, you always have to scroll...

Ah a little addition, I think this would help illustrate the idea better ✨✨

Basically I envision nudge mode as a dial like this.

While a slider and a dial both could change the size of a brush, the way they are used are quite different. And they both have their own advantages and use cases. As for the dial, I believe it would offer a finer control with lesser required precision. I believe having this would be advantageous and could accommodate a more comfortable gesture-like experience, especially when you're not using a keyboard.

And of course, if the user wants to, as I imagine that it would be toggle-able 💖✨

Thank you!! 💖✨

I like Suggestion A, however we need more general solution.
Now we use main three color items:
- main color, we oculd name it Foreground color (shown in both Colors panel and top toolbar)
- aux color, used for example when using brush with Colors dynamic, we could use Background color here (shown in Paint tool settings)
- previous color (shown in Colors panel)

If we implement Suggestion A, we would have this situation:
- control in top toolbar shows Foreground color and  Background color
- control in Colors panel shows Foreground color and Previous color
It would be confusing...

Thanks for your discussion.

Actually sidebar width is 32 for paiting tools, and 50 for other.
I made a quick test and set it to 44 for everything, and i think i like it! "44" is very universal value, it is size suggested by apple, and we also use it as top toolbar height and in many other places.  I will release "width 44" in the next beta.
There is one small disadvantage - it shows less items when using "Swatches" mode (View > Colors Sidebar > Swatches)

Screenshots attached.

New beta with few animation fixes, and also PDF import will be released probably tomorrow

Thanks for you idead

I rather not agree, but partly agree :) All "Merge" options are different functions, and I bet many users need quick access to for "Merge All", "Flatten" etc. SO they can add a shortcut or add them to top toolbar.

Besides you would have to constantly remember what is actually selected (single layer, multple layers, group).
Maybe it would be a right solution when designing new app from scratch, but rather not now...

However i will consider changing behaviour of "Merge" icon in Layers panel. It would work like you described.

I understand. We did it because most important tools are visible in the top toolbar, so there is no need to show additional popup.
But indeed in some cases (fullscreen mode, tool icon not visible in top toolbar) it would be helpful. We will fix it asap.

Hi, I've been trying this out for quite a while and I noticed that I often didn't realize that the tool has/hasn't changed (mostly when the gesture is not registered as double/triple tap).

I'd like to know your opinion if this notification that has been used for undo and redo could be added for changing tools (to eraser/smudge and back to paint) only when changing tool via finger gesture. So this notification won't pop up if the tool is being changed via the top toolbar, or via the quick menu.

Would love to know what you think! Thank youu ✨

Ok, I reproduced that. We will try to fix it asap.

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