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No, I'm not going to remove X

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: 4.1.1 blurry pixelated bug
on: July 14, 2022, 09:40:20 AM
It is very irritating bug, we received tons of email, we had to worry.

ps. Update is waiting for review...

Please send step-by-step instruction, and give us your iPad model.

Maybe it the future....

Please write all steps to reproduce the issue. Or just send a screen video.

You have to do it by remove then add new...

we need an “update preset” button too if possible

About the snap to 100% - we removed this exactly like some time ago we removed snapping to Angle 0.

If you need easy access to "Zoom to 100%", jsut add View > 100% to top toolbar.
You can also add View > Zoom In/Out, which uses values like 25% / 50% / 100%.

I think we can do it asap.

Hi Lucky Clan,

just downloaded Artstudio 4.1.1, thanks for implementing my small suggestions o/

One tiny visual problem:

Maybe the indicator of "Current color/previous color" can have one small outline (like the one you used in the top toolbar) for clarity

If we use a color similar to or near the color of the interface, these rectangles can unintentionally "blend" or become somewhat difficult to see, check the screenshot to see how the white is barely visible using the light interface

Please reboot your iPad and try again.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: 4.1.1 blurry pixelated bug
on: July 14, 2022, 05:49:50 AM
Sorry for that, stupid bug...

We have it fixed, new update will be available very soon.

We will do it in the next update 4.1.1

Stroke - i will consider that in the future.

Thanks, we will fix it asap

Thanks for your suggestions.

1 - Done
2 - Done
3 - Done
4 - Done, i also made current color a bit bigger (screenshot attached)
5 - Done

It will be all released in few days.


4.1 is amazing, thanks!

Some bugs / visual bugs / suggestions:

1 - Visual bug/Lack of contrast: Put "Mirror" in one slot of the Quick Menu. Activate the mirror (now the caption of the slot shows a checkmark above the "Mirror" label). If you call the quick menu again and hover over the Mirror slot the font is gray instead of white. The gray font against the blue accent color (the default one) is very hard to read

2 - Suggestion/Clarity: Give us an option to fully hide the undo & redo icons - I know they disappear in full screen, but I like to see the toolbars and menus. I understand those "undo/redo" icons are there for accessibility reasons but, for people who only use gestures, these icons are redundant

3 - Bug/Unexpected interaction: Open "Artstudio - Preferences - Quick Menu". Click any slot to open the "Choose a function" menu. With this menu opened, double-tap the apple pencil. The app closes the file and returns to the gallery

4 - Visual bug/Unconventional position: Open the color wheel panel. The small rectangles at the top indicating the "Old / New Color" are reversed I believe? The ACTUAL color is displayed to the RIGHT of the OLD color, I believe the expected position is this: the ACTUAL color to be the LEFT one rectangle

5 - Visual bug/Distracting behavior: When we use the zoom, the canvas does an abrupt "snap" when we are near 100% zoom (clearly to indicate we are in the 100% scale), however, this makes the zoom operations appear "clunky" with these sudden snaps, it's better to "snap" AFTER the user release the fingers (as the canvas does in the rotation if the angle is below 5 degrees, it snaps to zero with a subtle animation). You can apply the same principle to the scale. For people who are very concerned about the exact level of zoom, you already have the "Show zoom info" option

These abrupt "snaps" detract from the high quality of your engine, and make it feel like it is "laggy" instead of "butter smooth"

...and now a not-so-small suggestion:

6 - Customization: Since we can customize Artstudio in a lot of ways (thank you so much for that!) how about letting us choose a personal icon for some actions we add to the top toolbar?

For proper control and consistency in aesthetics, I know the optimal way is a library of icons embedded in the app to choose from, but I am not asking you to create a gazillion of icons so we can choose from an internal library (since there are A LOT of tools and icons to create)

Maybe a restricted "import icon" that imports a png and converts it to the proper size and strips the colors to maintain a degree of visual consistency?

Since the icon size looks big (64x64 px maybe?) there is a lot of room to play. Maybe we can use Artstudio itself to create those PNGs since Artstudio has a great pixel grid! Anyway, this is just a deluxe option ;)

Thank you again for the update, Artstudio is better than ever!

Could you test it again in the latest beta?

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