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Could you test it again in new beta (build 804) ?

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Request: File-> Rename
on: May 13, 2022, 03:13:06 AM
We will try to do it if it is possible.
We had to remove this because after we switch to system browser old Rename stopped working when file was outside app container (On My iPad > Artstudio Pro and iCloud Drive > Artstudio Pro).

We use system File Picker for that. I have no idea why it doesn't work on your iPad.
New From File option is identical in beta and official.

Please close all apps staying in background and reboot again, it should help.

Mac is showing correct thumbnail because it can recognize the "package" format we use, and which was introduced by Apple some time ago.

I' afraid we cannot fix it in Windows, it just doesn't know the .artstudio format....

Shortcut for unified merge - we will unify "Merge Down" option like we unified Merge icon in Layers panel

Long press on Merge icon in Layers panel - we never had such option. You have to use top menu to Merge Visible/All etc

I cannot reproduce this.
Question - please check if these options are working fine or not:
File > New > New From File
Browser > + > New From Files

HEVC export problem - could you send me the document so i can reproduce the issue?
Please also write how do you check if animation is transparent or not?

Please contact us by email so we can quickly solve this issues:

Probably a bug, we will fix it asap.

We will fix it asap.

Add layer from file works fi e on my ipad, please give us more details, and try to reboot.

We will be fixing that next week.

Hmm, maybe...

We implemented unified Merge in Layers panel, it will be available in new beta. Merge items in the menu were not changed.

understood thank you so much!
I love the additional Unified Merge options. It satisfy both needs for having these merges separate and also ease of usage.

Would there be an option to assign the unified Merge to a single keyboard shortcut? That would be immensely helpful 💖

Thank you Lucky Clan! ✨

It looks easy for rectangular selection, but selections can be irregular, with holes etc...

We will consider that in the future, it is not easy to implement (app must somehow "guess" pixels outside the selection)

Wouldn’t the solution here be clamp the colors of pixels on the edge of the selection outward beyond it? Essentially, if there is an active selection the smudge/wet effect would sample a temporary version of the image where outside the selection, the colors are clamped to those on the selection border. Probably some sort of jump flood type fill operation could be used to generate that buffer to sample from. Basically repeat edge pixels.

This would be a real nice feature!

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