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It's ready in new beta! Now you have to only tap "Pigment" button in Layers panel to start using pigment blending.

Please update to 5.0.2 and let us know if it’s fixed there.

After the change:
Standard / Pigment segment would be removed from Tool Options
Changing layer blending mode to Pigment would automatically lock tool blending mode to Pigment
Changing layer mode from Pigment to anything else would restore to previous tool blending mode

It would be like other blending modes, it would just automatically turn on Pigment mode in Paint / Wet Paint / Smudge tools. Now you have to do 2 things:
1. Change Layer blending mode to Pigment
2. Change tool mode from Standard to Pigment

After change you will have to only change layer blending mode

Yes it would make more sense for it to behave like other layer blending modes

Yes, we are also considering option to turn on Pigment feature by just setting layer blending to Pigment. It would then change  tool mode to Pigment as well.

There are 2 places to turn on pigment feature:
1. Pigment blending in Layers panel (not needed when you paint on opaque layer or you use a single layer for everything)
2. Pigment mode (or pigment blending) in Tool options

Bugs: i will be fixing them next week

I cannot reproduce that.

Please write more details: brush you used, layer structure, layer blending, tool blending etc

one bug i found so far, looks like using "current and below" with pigment brushes makes the canvas flash

In beta you can enable full version in Preferences > Geneeal

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Natural pigment color mixing - BETA
on: February 02, 2023, 10:16:49 AM
We are very proud to publish new beta with pigment blending. Please post your feedback in this thread! If anybody wants to joins beta tests please contact us be email:

How to use it:
- change layer blending mode from Normal to Pigment (not necessary)
- in tool settings change Color Mixing to Pigment (the other option is changing tool blending from Normal to Pigment)
- it works with any brush

- you can also use Pigment mixing in Gradient tool
- added Pigments color swatches group
- added Pigments brush group
- added Pigments gradients group

Beta with Pigment mixing feature will be available in 1-2 days.


Will this be implemented in both the desktop and iPad version?

Main part is ready, colors shades are great! It is so much better than Normal blending!
We will publish a beta in about a week

So we have some first results :)

Ohh, so it is mexico :) Unfotunately it doesn't generate too big revenues ;)

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