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Hey Lucky Clan and forum,

As mentioned in the subject I'm having issues importing brush stamps -- which sounds ridiculous. When in the "Brush Stamps" window if I press either 'import' or 'import and append' I get the locations option and no matter what I do I can't seem to import images. If I click 'on my ipad' and then click on the 'ArtStudio Pro' folder all of my brush tip jpgs are grayed out and not selectable... This is also the case if I go to my brush tip folder on my dropbox even if I make them available offline in Dropbox. It doesn't even give me the option pull in images from my gallery (i tried saving some of my brush tips to my gallery and that didn't help much either)...

I haven't used the iPad in a while or iOS for that matter and read up on drag and drop... it doesn't seem that drag and drop is supported in ArtStudio Pro, besides opening the file as an image or layer. Is there something I'm missing? I think it'd be really cool if you could select multiple files and when they are dragged over it gives you the option to import them as patterns or brush stamps. Also as Bordante said in a recent video it'd be cool if you could drag and drop a photo and have the option to load it as a reference.

Ideally I want to be able to import a bunch of new patterns and brush stamps at once (all jpg files).

So far I'm loving this app and have been messing with my brushes before I really dive in to making a ton of art.

Thanks guys!

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