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1. Pigment blending in Layers panel (not needed when you paint on opaque layer or you use a single layer for everything)

I see now. It works with 2 different layers set to “Pigment”. I think it would be good if it would also work on a single layer. So when the layer is set to Pigment, it blends everything on this layer with the pigment mode even when using a non-pigment brush. (In addition to it interacting with other pigment layers like it does currently)

Same applies to when changing the layer blending mode of a whole group to Pigment. You would except that all layers inside the group to behave accordingly, but that’s not the case right now.

3) Same files generally seems to have longer loading times to open them, than in the current AppStore version.

It fixed itself after restarting the iPad and App!


I'm so happy to finally test the new beta! It's amazing so far!
Here are a few things and bugs I've noticed so far:

General bugs:

1) When importing an image into the reference view while a Bluetooth controller (8bitdo zero 2) is connected, it somehow disconnects it until the app restarted. (This is an issue outside of the beta too, with the version currently available on the AppStore)

2) When trying to open an existing file that has “missing fonts” (fonts that are not currently imported into ASP already) it doesn’t open the document at all and gets stuck in an endless loading cycle until the app is restarted.

3) Same files generally seems to have longer loading times to open them, than in the current AppStore version.

Pigment Bugs:

I’ve used the standard "hard dyn opacity round" as brush tool and "light smudge" as smudge tool for testing the pigment options:

4) I can't seem to get the pigment option with the "layer blending mode" option to work at all. It behaves like a normal layer.

one bug i found so far, looks like using "current and below" with pigment brushes makes the canvas flash
Can’t seem to replicate that one either


5) Could there be a way to globally enable the pigment option inside the settings, instead of each brush/layer individually ? Similarly to how it was recently implemented to automatically have the "opacity slider" set as default for each brush, an automatic global "pigment option" would be very nice too (I think most people will probably use it for all their brushes anyway). I also use brushes mainly out of the "favorites" panel and right now, you have to manually turn the pigment option on again every time you switch the brush or tool. (Unless I manually re-save each brush/tool with the pigment option, which will take a lot of time).

6) Nothing to do with the new Pigments. But maybe now could be a good time to also introduce a way to let users choose a fully custom accent color for the UI? This has been suggested in the past a few times, but I think it would be great to be able to choose your own accent color in addition to one of the few that can be selected right now. Either via a color wheel or even just with a hex code. Just wanted to bring this up again, since it’s all about colors now! :D

I'm also very happy to see that the pigment option works together with other layer blending modes like "color dodge" or “multiply”. And that exporting into other programs/formats doesn't seems to mess with the colors. This is such a huge game changer over all!

I'm testing on the 2021/ 12.9 iPad Pro / M1 / 512GB.
3240x4050px canvas, 50%grey background, sRGB color mode

Thanks for the great work Lucky Clan! :)

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: We are back!!!
on: December 29, 2022, 01:14:25 PM
Yay, welcome back!😁

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / New UI Issues
on: December 05, 2022, 04:06:49 AM

I was just very surprised after opening the app that the UI looks very different. I think it's great that lucky clan always tries to improve their UI, however I see two major issues with this new design, that I think should be adjusted quickly.

The first one is that the new background color in darkmode is too bright grey now. It should be darker than the rest of the UI (as before), not brighter. I personally think this new lighter grey background gives the app an outdated look, and is distracting while painting. It doesn’t even feel like true darkmode anymore. Any other painting app on the market has the standard of dark grey background, lighter toolbar, because it’s better against different colors, and more neutral/ modern overall.

Also the new side sliders are a bit distracting because, there is a lot of "white space" in them, which distracts the eye in the peripheral because it’s too much/ too high of contrast for darkmode. It also looks a bit out of place, since it doesn't fit the overall selected color scheme anymore. If you're keeping this new slider, I think a thinner "white space" slider similar to Procreates implementation should be considered. The thinner slider could also match the color scheme (not necessarily). I attached a screenshot to roughly explain it all.

Thanks! :)

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Apple Pencil Hover
on: October 19, 2022, 09:37:26 AM
I was emailing with the dev yesterday, they're already working on implementing the hover feature for the new M2 iPads! :)

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Color coding for Layers
on: September 02, 2022, 12:03:42 AM
I believe they said it will come with the next major update :)

You cannot realistically compare Procreate with Artstudio Pro in this way, because the former is lacking a serious number of features that Artstudio Pro long has. And I’d argue if Procreate had all these features, I personally would find their (Procreates) approach of hiding many options into the UI or just behind gestures, much more confusing.

ASP has a clear way of managing its options from the burger menu (the three lines on the top left). This shows the menu bar from which you can reach all of the options, filters etc. in a clearly structured way, which additional shares a similar structure to desktop apps like Photoshop or Clip studio etc., so for people coming from such apps, this approach already feels very familiar.

Additionally, you can assign every single thing from this menu bar, to either your top toolbar (that is freely customizable and accessible through the three dots "..."), the quick menu, or keyboard shortcuts. This way all of the things you frequently need/use, can be accessed super quickly.

And whenever you’re using any of the many tools, you can simply press the “2 sliders button” on the bottom left, to bring up a bunch of different options for this specific tool. It’s simple to understand.

Artstudio Pro is made for people who need much more options than Procreate or most other apps for iPad currently offer. And they managed to do so, while still keeping a clean looking UI, made specifically with iPad in mind. So even if you wouldn’t need all of those additional features, you can always just customize the UI to be/look as simple or as complicated as it fits to your personal needs.

So obviously it does have a slightly bigger learning curve than Procreate, especially if you never used any desktop level drawing apps before. But it’s still far from being overly complicated, and far below Photoshops and co. learning curves, but while still offering most of the same functionality and I'd argue even better user experience to the way many tools work inside ASP compared to Photoshop.
For example Elastify, works so much smoother and simpler in ASP than in PS. A simple native perspective tool or the option to clear selections over multiple layers, the fact that empty layers are marked as such, and that you can clearly see which filters are active on the layers etc., are just a few minor examples of how ASP exceeds in terms of UI/UX compared to desktop apps like PS.

So once you understand the overall way the app is organized, it becomes very easy and intuitive to work with. I truly believe that the lucky clan team did a very good job on keeping the UI simple, yet providing so much professional options and tools. But it is my all time favorite drawing app in terms of UI and functionality ever, so I’m definitely a bit biased.

However, the app definitely could improve in certain parts of it, and in fact it does continuously improve, and the amazing part is, that the developers always take their user feedback very seriously into consideration and bring new improved updates constantly, despite only being a small team. ASP is definitely far from needing a complete overhaul of the UI, anywhere in the near future. Quite the opposite, the UI keeps getting better with each new update they release.

And I’ve also seen Borodantes videos of Artstudio Pro, but they are already outdated by now (his last review is over a year old), and most (if not all) of the “problem” things he addressed in his videos, have since long been fixed.

And to answer your question, you can find the Liquify/Elastify tool under the Burger Menu > Filters > Elastify. In order to access it with a single press, just put it into your quick menu, top toolbar, or assign a keyboard shortcut to it.

Also, lucky clan just recently published a user manual (, so if you’re struggling a lot, this will be a good place to start. And people on this forum are also always willing to answer your questions.

TLDR; And if ASP is still not for you, after all of that, that’s fine too. But to then go on the forum, and telling the developers they should overhaul their whole UI because you don’t like it, without even giving any real constructive solutions or suggestions, is not very helpful at all.

+1 for all of these, but especially nr.1. Something like the Coolorus plugin inside Artstudio Pro would be amazing, or at least color harmonies!

This would be amazing!

Yes there is a way! :) Go to Settings>Tools>Show Brush Preview Always In The Corner

1) True, didn't think about that case. Maybe it could show on the left side. But when you have a mask as target layer with more masks clipped to it, it could only then show on the right side? That would indicate even clearer that the first mask is actually the target layer, and it can be in the right column space. (Edited your image to show it, hope that’s okay!)

I guess it's personal preference of what option would look better. I wouldn't mind either option (though I'd prefer this one), since both are better than the way it's looking currently

hmmm I actually disagree on this one. That's not how it works in Photoshop either, so that is quite inaccurate.
I believe rather than merge all layer masks and clipping mask, it should be merge all layer masks on clipped layers and clipping mask, while retaining the layer masks of the target layer.

Here's how it works in Photoshop

as shown above, all the other masks that is clipped onto the target layer are merged. But the mask on the target layer is still intact.

I see what you mean now, just understood it wrong before, thinking you wanted to retain every clipped layer mask, not just the one from the target layer. Yes, that way it makes total sense!😁

7) Thanks for reiterating! 🙏

1) After looking at this suggestion again, I think it might be better to keep the layer mask icon on the left side of the thumbnail, but to have it always on the same alignment as clipping masks. Because having the icons for masks at 2 different sides of the layer thumbnail, might be confusing. I think it’s more intuitive to look at the same side for the “same” kind of functionality(masks), and makes for an even tidier column look. And I think the icons between “clipping mask” and “layer mask”, are different enough to see which is which at just a glance. Also the lock icon or sizes, wouldn't need to be adjusted. I tried making a quick mock-up too, sry for the bad quality.😅

5) Yes, whenever you have a target layer selected that has clipping masks to it, it should only then show the pop-up with the options to either “merge down”(if available) or to “merge clipping masks”(automatically, if it’s the only option), like you said.

I do have a question tho now that we're thinking about this. If you have a layer with some layer masks, and there are some layers that are clipped to that layer. When you merge it, should the target layer still retain its own layer masks?

I personally prefer for them to still retain the layer masks while clipping all the other clipped layers onto that layer tho 🤔

When “merging clipping masks”, it should simply merge all layer masks and clipping mask that are linked to the same target layer, into one layer. That’s how it works in Photoshop and it will get too complex otherwise, especially if you have layer masks in between or below clipping masks, it would give wrong results, if only the clipping masks were merged to the target layer. To make it more clear, maybe instead of “Merge Clipping Mask”, it could just be named “Merge Masks ”, or something like that, indicating that it will merge down every mask linked to that target layer, or that is currently selected from the target layer, into one layer.

One functionality that is important to keep here, is that it should still be possible to let’s say only merge 3 of 5 clipping/layer masks down to the target layer, at once,by selecting them and merging with the target layer, but still keeping the remaining 2 clipping masks above it (something that’s not possible in photoshop). That’s also why 6) would be really nice to have first, since even if  5)“merge clipping mask” couldn’t get implemented, it would still make life a lot easier, if it would just keep the name of the lowest layer, whenever you merge together any selected layers.

7) Just got one more small suggestion, which would be to slightly reduce the opacity/brightness of the “eye” indicator of the layer masks/clipping masks, when they are clipped to a target layer that is hidden. This would clarify that they are linked together, while the target layer is hidden. Made another mock-up to try and show it.

Thanks! 😊

These are great suggestions! I’d like to add two additional points, regarding “Clipping Masks”.

5) An option to "Merge Clipping Mask". So if you have several layers of clipping masks on one target layer, you can select just the target layer and merge all clipping masks down at once (similar to Photoshops implementation). The option for this could appear when pressing the little merge down arrow in the layers panel, while the target layer of clipping masks is selected.

6) As someone who names all their layers it would be great, when merging several layers, the layer name of the target/lowest layer is kept, instead of the top layer. This is especially true for merging clipping masks (attached a screenshot), but even when merging normal layers without any mask, I think it's much more common to want to keep the name of the lowest layer.

Right now to merge several clipping masks(or normal layers) to a layer, you have to: select target layer, select each clipping mask individually, merge, select target layer and rename it again. Which is not fun when organizing 100+ layers (especially having to keep renaming them after merging).

Thank you! :)

+1 Please don't remove it, it's a very helpful indicator.

Regarding the X on empty layer, I strongly ask for it to be kept.

There is simply no way in photoshop to show whether a layer is "empty". Say I have a circle with 1 percent opacity, it would just show as a checkerboard on photoshop. I actually love the X in Artstudio pro as an indicator that this layer has absolutely nothing / empty.

6) Download "SF Symbols" app on Appstore, browse any icons you want and simply copy&paste the SF symbol name into Artstudio Pro, by renaming the according tool. It will show up as that icon.

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