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Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Brush smoothing problems
on: September 27, 2019, 03:02:13 PM
I run into some problems with the brush smoothing options in the latest Beta (perhaps it was there before). For one the value spectrum goes to 100, but already a a small value (20-30) the effect is very strong and creates quite severe lag. I know some lag is to be suspected with smoothing, and I know it from other apps, but Clip Studio works a bit differently in that I can set it to "adjust by speed". This means that the effect of stabilisation changes according to the speed I draw at. This makes it feel more natural and still controllable. Are you interested in implementing this as well?

Another more serious problem is that when I set a value of 50 or higher, it will sometimes result in a blob (one brush stamp) at the start of the line every time draw. It is doing so with some brushes not others, I have not been able to establish a pattern yet.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Some improvements/suggestions
on: September 16, 2019, 03:49:41 PM
But color picking only works if I have the eyedropper tool selected right? I never use this tool, as I always use the long press. As I hardly ever use the keyboard, changing tools to the eyedropper does not make much sense for me. CSP just has a simple button to pick a color automatically when tapping on it.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: [Suggestion] Quick Menu
on: September 16, 2019, 10:40:06 AM
I would love more buttons, and more options what I can use the buttons for, be it a specific brush or color or menu item. Perhaps an option to change the layout to like a list, and/or have an option to display permanently, like the wacom on screen buttons. This would make repetitive tasks like select, deselect, clear and fill, transform, copy and paste much faster. I find that the four finger gesture just breaks up the flow a bit.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Some improvements/suggestions
on: September 16, 2019, 10:34:46 AM
Its great to see the improvements in the Beta. Being able to add tools to the Painting mode is very useful. Also the reference image is a great addition.
Some improvements in this respect I would like to see:

- Color pick from the reference image: this is a thing that can be toggled in Clip Studio and is super useful.
- Load a couple of images at a time, between which I can switch.
- Toggle hide/view reference image in painting mode.

As for the painting mode it would be useful to somehow bring up the main menu with a button, like is possible in CSP.

As in painting mode the brushes menu moves to the top, I always confuse it with the button for stylus/finger. I don't use this button and don't know why a menu option for this would not suffice. Now it takes a too prominent place which is annoying to me.
I would also rather have a befault "brush" button than the stamp preview, as it is sometimes hard to see with small brushes. I also don't find it very useful to have the preview.

I hope you can use this feedback for improvements to the app, thanks.

I will have to buy a new Mac first (I guess my old machine isn't cutting it anymore and I don't want to break more with an OS update  :))

When I have one I will get back to you

I hope you can put some resources in fixing the Mac app, as it seems rather broken in many things:

- The brush sorting is very wonky, it probably should look like the iPad version, but it is all jumbled.
- The Gradient map UI is broken, see screenshot
- Having the color picker window open slows down the app, especially on tool switching, see the screen recording I made
- The text in the brushes overview is quite blurry

Please give it some love, as it is not really useable for me now. I know iPad is your main focus, but I believe the Mac app has a lot of potential that is wasted. Improving the things mentioned, plus a full screen mode and customizable shortcuts would make it a very good app indeed.

(I am using an iMac 2011 with el Capitan)

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: IOS ASP opacity
on: June 15, 2019, 05:47:10 PM
You can add any tool to your starred favorites, including the bucket fill. Perhaps this is what he means? I set my favorites up to include lasso selection and bucket fill, quite useful. An other option would be to use the bluetooth keyboard, which would be even faster, as it allows you to switch a tool temporarily by holding the shortcut button. This is quite a fast way of working and works in any view mode.

When I try to use the text tool in the beta, I get a normal text window in the selected font, but when I type something, there are only the two text tool handles, but no text. I have tried several fonts, but no cigar.  :-\

In the new light UI (very nice) the brush menu does not work correctly. The complete brush preview is black. I guess it still needs some work.

I tried switching to the basic palette with fewer color, though it might be slightly better, it is still much worse than it was before. In fact it never used to be a problem, so something must have changed, or some kind of bug crept in. I checked the activity monitor, and it seems that ASP almost used the double amount of CPU when I have the color editor open. This seems abnormal to me.

I hope a quicker fix can be made than to wait for the next big update, which might take months.

I noticed that in the last version of ASP on the Mac, I get a lot of lag (rotating beachball) when I have the color editor window opened.

Normally I would paint, then quickly switch to the eraser and back again. When I open up the color editor window this slows down a lot, and each time I switch tools it takes a few seconds before I can use the tool. This happens every time I switch tools, with all tools where the color editor is visible. When I close the color editor, everything is smooth again.

Perhaps there is some memory bleed or other bug. I hope you can resolve it. Thanks!

Full docking system is a lot of work. In a near future we will add only option to hide panels (Tab shortcut), full docking system must wait for its turn...

Hint - you can use Brush/Color Editor window, and move it anywhere.

I can see the problem you describe, and find it logical you prefer to improve on other things and focus on the iOS app. However I do not have a huge monitor, and though I can drag the panels anywhere on the screen, they are too big and distracting, and cannot be placed above each other as they are too big for that. If docking is too much work, perhaps a pop-up window which closes automatically would be possible. Or have a panel that is smaller or can somehow be minimized/rescaled?

I don't believe ASP is a photo editor, but mainly a drawing app, so what is the use of a RAW editor. You seem to want Lucky Clan to make an cheap Photoshop clone, that has all the features, but at a minimal price. I do not think this is possible. Photoshop is huge and complicated, and caters to many workflows, so if you only need the photo editing features, there are alternatives, if you want to paint, there are alternatives, if you want 3d, there are alternatives. But if you want it all, you have to pay, even if you don't like the price.

Regarding your approach: If you want to offend me and the developer go ahead, but I still believe a friendly exchange between users and developers is much more helpful than you insulting people and calling them names. I read your post, but if your think calling the app a toy and non-professional just because it is not PS, is just poor form. But then again you also call Affinity junk, so what do you know. These are developers that try to create alternatives for creatives. You might not like their approach or their programs, but insulting them will not help anyone.

Your post title is quite offensive to the developer. I don't know why you can not ask a friendly question. If this is an app you consider using, why would you call it a toy??

Anyway, ASP certainly is not a toy, it is a professional art app, especially for drawing and painting, with very good editing functions. I don't believe it is a full replacement for photoshop, but why would/should it be? It is dead cheap in comparison but offers a lot of bang for the buck if you love drawing and painting in photoshop, but don't need all the photo-editing functions, 3d, plugins, CMYK, RAW editing etc...
ASP has build an amazing iOS app, and the small development team are very responsive and bring new features often. Branching out to another platform requires a LOT of work and resources being devoted to this. Rather than being a Jack of all trades and trying to please everyone, I think it would be better to improve the App for current platforms.

If you need a cheaper alternative to this for PC, you could look at affinity photo or designer. If you need drawing and traditional animation, clip studio paint would be another choice.

I second this request: I would like more flexibility in the arrangement of panels, and the ability to dock the color editor or the brush editor (or make it an auto-collapsible popup)

To me the color editor as it is now does not make much sense, especially with the swatches below it. I would rather have just a simply color picker, and a swatches panel, not combine them. The same goed for the brush editor. I need an editor and the brush list separated, it does not make much sense now, especially as I cannot hide or move the brushes/color panel on the right.

Please consider adding draggable menus to allow more personal customization.

(by the way: the UI issues I reported before are still present, and fix for this?)

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