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Not related to the existing program. It's rather a crazy idea, I'd like to bounce. I was always jelaouse of musician being able to play together. Artist's, however, never had that luxury. It's a solitary endeavor.

What I'm talking about is not another childish play like or There in no need to interrupt each other in real time. There is no need to allow anybody to destroy your stuff. This is how I imagine it:

1. Participating on the project are only the artists, who agree to work together. Preferably but not necessarily, they have to share skill level and type of art, styles, etc.

2. Each works on a separate layer. Each contribution doesn't destroy other people stuff. If you don't like what your colleague did, simply paint it over. You can simply then offer everybody else to turn layers off a day see the changes. If you want, you can "unlock" your layer to others.

3. The theme or idea can be stated in advance or it's a complete impromptu.

4. Network program has to be as powerful as ASP. There is no difference between desktop or mobile. Ideally, it has to be a networked version of the ASP. Or, better yet, the ASP with the network collaboration on or off.

5. Important! No need for the real time update or any of such burden. Everybody can take his/her time and post only when ready.

6. There has to be a sort of quick chat window attached to it.

Let me know your thoughts. I think this can be a total blast, which would make people more creative and you... richer.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Close the top pop-up window
on: July 14, 2018, 02:53:53 PM
It'd be very useful if upon selecting an option (in a single select settings) the top window close, and one wouldn't have to click outside to close it.

It's great to be able to hide the colors bar, but I do need undo/redo most of the time. Why are those with the colors bar to begin with?

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Eyedropper offset bug
on: June 17, 2018, 02:28:09 AM
It appears in the top left corner no matter what I specify in the X or Y offset. Version 146.

I know you've probably frozen all changes for the next big update, but please - prefer opacity in preferences. Now I have to go and change it every time for every rush, which is not in the favs. Flow doesn't do anything for me, it's an unnatural brush control with unpredictable effect. I always keep it 100%.

I store all ASP files on iCloud when finished. Remove them from "this iPad", but they still occupy gigabytes when I check settings > storage.

If elasticity brush can work in %% to the selected area, why can't the main brush do the same. That's what I was asking all along, since brush size set in pixels doesn't work the same in various resolutions and magnifications.

They seem to conflict. In any case, feather overrides the hard edge. Why both, if 0 feather is the hard edge?

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Elastify and lasso
on: April 08, 2018, 05:18:22 PM
I noticed that elastify works only on rectangular hard-edged selections, correct? Would be nice if it worked out the feathered custom selections.

It shows correctly in the brush settings view.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Greatest update ever!
on: April 08, 2018, 01:59:33 PM
What a gift! Full screen on iPad now is where one can work. Would it be too much to ask to add clone brush to it?

Adding multiple photos to a directory is a major pain without this.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / So many prayers, so little time
on: March 16, 2018, 03:40:48 AM
I think, rather than suggesting new (and sometimes unnecessary) features, it'd be more informative to the developers if each one list the worst 3-5 things in the current app. This way it'd become less of a personal preference and more of the vox populi, a real usability issue. Maybe it'd be better if there was a separate section for that with some voting mechanism.

I wonder how many people use wet brush in their work? Considered how powerful the basic brush is with all blending options, I didn't find much use for the special "wet brush". Just try Kyle's watercolor brushes with "overlay" (or soft light, or else) in settings and compare. I've created a number of favs for those. You can get a true aquarelle feeling. To say nothing about turning "wet" option on in brush edit mode.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Alt key equivalent
on: February 17, 2018, 03:52:48 PM
I know it's an old and tired topic, but I'm just interested to know why mobile device artists (and developers consequently) prefer all those double and triple taps, tap-and-hold and other finger acrobatics of a performing piano player to a simple programmable ALT key. There are SO MANY THINGS can be solved by having it somewhere in the bottom left corner. Turning a brush into eyedropper or eraser, or smear brush would be the most obvious choices for those who work with two hands. Not very useful if you hold your iPad in your other hand though, but you can sure lay it down on your lap or afford a $20 mini stand. Haven't seen any app developer using it. Except, perhaps, for the Paintstorm. A powerful app, with interesting UI ideas, that, like many others, disappeared into the bug-infested heap.

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