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I would like to add we also need PANTONE, TRUMATCH and other color swatch libraries in ASP.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Cropping reference images.
on: July 25, 2021, 07:21:31 AM
It would be nice if we could have cropping capabilities in the reference window. This would be a great way of doing this without having to do it outside of ASP. Just saying.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / We need a CMYK color wheel.
on: July 24, 2021, 10:46:28 AM
I’m noticing that although ASP does offer CMYK preview mode…it doesn’t show an explicit CMYK color wheel. So we’re essentially making RGB color wheel selections when doing work in CMYK preview mode. This isn’t correct and it doesn’t allow for correct color selection in CMYK preview. Please add a CMYK color wheel for correct color selection in the CMYK preview mode. Using an RGB color wheel in CMYK preview mode is misleading. Just letting you know…Procreate DOES have a CMYK color wheel to select colors in a CMYK color space. I hope you see my point is valid.

Just noticed this today. I decided to use the color swatch creation tool which still has the 24 color limit…(hello ASP?…read my thread to raise this limit to 30) and gamely decided to “try” and create multiple color swatches IN ONE GROUP. ASP doesn’t allow this?! For example…create an empty color swatch group and name it. Now import a photo and generate a color swatch of 24 colors in either “all” “vibrant” “muted”, etc. Now the color swatch you just generated is the DEFAULT color swatch and it’s automatically selected as the PRIMARY one. This is important because this is crucial to understanding the bug. Now just for kicks I decided to use the same color swatch creation process to generate another 24 colors…only this time “muted” values. It generated them….but CREATED a new group of colors WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I already had selected the prior color group as my primary…so why does ASP ignore this to generate a new group without my express permission?! I didn’t request ASP to create a new group to dump the new color swatches into. I already had a group created for that purpose already. This is clearly a bug because I’ve been able to generate new color swatches that are put into the default color swatches selected before adding new ones. In this case creating new color swatches ignores default group settings and expressly creates new groups without attribution. This needs a fix. I should not be forced to generate a new color group just to put new color swatches in them.

I would like to point out a few behaviors that may or may not be intentional:

1: When finger function is set to color picker, tapping the display with the finger stamps color on the surface instead of picking the color
2: Picking the color requires moving the finger after touching the display, holding or touching does not work (no matter what the delay setting is set to)
3: Activating touch radius prevents the finger stamp when touching the display, but does not solve problem 2
4: Long press delay does not work when finger function is set to "Quick menu" (Btw, I would like the Quick menu to open faster/instantly if possible, there is about half a second delay)

I’ve been noticing the behavior you describe in Number 2 and I can confirm this. This looks like a bug that needs fixing. I can’t comment about Number 4 because I’ve never set it to Quick Menu. So I think the issue is Number 2 is being caused by the problem mentioned in Number 1 because you can’t select the color when activating the finger touch even if touch delay is active.

Another thing - manually choosing palette colors is a real pain. You have to select the color…and THEN you have to select ADD to put the color on the toolbar. This is too cumbersome. Why can’t we just tap a color and simply drag it onto the toolbar? Or heck, why not offer an option to automatically populate a toolbar manually with the colors as you tap the images?

Although you can now create instant color swatches from photos in ASP, I’m disappointed to see you’re only allowed up to 24 colors automatically generated…whereas Procreate generates 30. My question is why the smaller number of 24? It hasn’t escaped my notice to see ASP is limiting this number. Is this due to copyright infringement issues with Procreate over the number of color swatches that gets generated automatically? Or is there another concern…because I’m not understanding why 24 colors when you could have easily generated the same amount that Procreate generates…which is 30.

This may not seem like a no brainer…but I think we could use a timer. Not that we need pressure when doing artwork…but for purposes of keeping track of how much time we’re spending on the artwork would be a nice way of keeping track of this important detail. Please consider.

I’m totally fine with current eraser in ASP. Just turn on brush cursor and you’ll see where you gonna draw or erase.

But I want it only for when I erase. Not when I draw. So I don’t want to constantly switch options when doing this. This needs to be implemented as a feature.

Edit: Never mind…I turned on the Cursor feature in ASP and I love it. No need to make any such improvements in the app. I’m discovering Procreate, Infinite Painter and Clip Studio Paint don’t have this feature at all.

This is borrowed from Clip Studio Paint…so bear with me on this. In Clip Studio Paint when you use the eraser, you see a white circle showing you exactly what is being erased. The benefit is you can see the exact moment the eraser is removing the pixels on the canvas as you go back and forth. But the cool thing about the eraser in Clip Studio Paint is that while you’re erasing…the white circle eraser leaves behind a trail of all the areas you’re erasing in if you’re erasing the actual canvas. But when you finish erasing…and lift your Apple Pencil off the canvas…the white eraser marks immediately disappears and the canvas returns to its pristine state after you finish erasing. This is extremely beneficial because you’re seeing the area that was being erased as you’re erasing. So when you finish…all the eraser marks disappears and you’re left showing the canvas in its wake.

ASP needs to implement this idea on the eraser tool as quickly as possible. Because the current version of the eraser only shows an invisible mark while erasing. That’s not precise enough especially if you’re doing detailed erasing. The white circle has the benefit of showing you the size of the eraser you’re using and also showing you where you’re erasing.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Pinch to merge layers.
on: July 17, 2021, 04:51:59 AM
C’mon Lucky Clan. Admit it this is a great feature from Procreate. Do it.

Help / How to make a dual color brush?
on: July 16, 2021, 05:40:08 PM
Clip Studio Paint has this feature which allows you to select a different color that gets activated when you use a brush whenever you use the Apple Pencil with a soft touch…triggering the different color while if you press harder…it uses the default color for that brush. How do I make this in ASP? The Borodante Air brush comes close to this but I’d like the Borodante Air brush to instead allow me to choose a separate color when I use the brush softly. Can this be done in the current release of ASP?

Right now ASP has this menu stuck on the top which takes up a lot of interface space away from the canvas. You have to click the bar to get to items like File, Edit, etc. That’s too boring and not very real estate efficient. Procreate is a lot more creative in this regard. Instead of menus plopped on the top everything gets housed in small icons which saves a lot of space for the canvas space. ASP needs to do something similar. My idea is borrowed from Concepts which has a unique way showing the color bar. If you open the color bar…it shows a wheel that’s scrollable. In that wheel there’s a listing of menu items that shows everything you need right on the circle…including the color wheel. ASP could do the same thing…condense everything into two floating detachable circles that you can place anywhere on the screen. One circle has all the interface items you currently have on the boring strip on the top. And it’s in a circle that’s floatable. You click the circle and out opens the menu items. The other circle has the color wheel with all the RGB colors and color swatches. Hey Lucky Clan I think Borodante would find this idea pretty cool. So anybody wanna jump right into this thread and comment?

You can check it yourself. Procreate allows 18 layers on 4000x6000 300 dpi canvas. I made 50 layers in ASP on that resolution. After 42 layers app became slow, because memory is out and swap is used massively, but you still can use the app if needed. Of course it’s better to keep less layers while ipad free ram is pretty low.


Borodante is just an artist as every other artist.

I still think having the ability to calculate the number of layers a canvas can take WITHOUT excessive memory swapping would be a useful feature. And this even if ASP offers more legroom in terms of layer support. I’d still have to use Procreate to estimate the layer limit based on canvas and DPI size before using ASP simply because I can’t do such a calulation in ASP.

ASP has no limit in numbers of layers. It’s kind of advantage comparing to Procreate.

I don’t believe in flying unicorns. Sorry but I don’t believe this. If this was true people would be flocking to ASP. Assuming they know about this unlimited layer ability of ASP as per this claim. But this flies in the face of reality otherwise why would Procreate developers make a program that deliberately limits the number of layers based on DPI for? Especially if as you claim there are no limits in ASP. I believe this might be true for Concepts, which is a vector app and therefore mathematically calculated corners and image creation can justify possible unlimited layers. But we’re talking about raster based images which are based on pixels.

 If ASP can really offer unlimited layers per image then why aren’t people shouting this from the skies and letting people see the difference? Procreate would wither if everyone could “see the light” and know about the “unlimited number of layers” that ASP offers and not needing to worry about DPI per inch. But I doubt this claim about ASP…and I’ve yet to see an explanation as to how this can possibly be true. Borodante is the biggest supporter of ASP on Youtube and his suggestions for improving the app have been taken seriously by the developers and have been implemented.

Borodante as far as I can tell HAS NEVER CLAIMED ASP has unlimited layers. Ever. If I heard this claim by Borodante on Youtube then I’d take this claim about unlimited layers seriously. He has never said this on camera. Ever. Show me when he said this on Youtube. I’d love to watch that video on Youtube where he says this. What’s interesting about this is that Lucky Clan DOES say ASP supports unlimited layers…but I’ve never seen Borodante say this on air. Why doesn’t he say this? He’s the best rep for ASP period and I’ve never seen him say this on video. Even in his comparison between ASP and Procreate I’ve never seen him mention the unlimited layer claim for ASP. If ASP indeed has unlimited layers, this would be the number one difference between ASP and Procreate and Borodante would have mentioned this on air in that comparison video on Youtube. He doesn’t say this. How could Borodante have passed up the chance to rub salt into Procreate’s face and not mention ASP has unlimited layers?

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