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Help / Re: How to remove background from scanned drawings?
on: August 12, 2021, 10:25:44 AM
I just learned about this trick in Artstudio Pro. If you select the Paint Bucket Fill tool go to Options in the 3 dot ellipsis on the toolbar. In there you change the mode of the bucket fill tool into a lasso. Then in the Blending mode you choose Erase. Now the Bucket Fill tool acts as an eraser…you outline the area you want to erase and that part is deleted. You’ll need to experiment with this undocumented feature because I don’t know if this will mask out the area you don’t want to erase.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Grid transparency
on: August 11, 2021, 05:50:45 PM
This is a great idea and I hope this is implemented.

Just a quick note to Lucky Clan. Please allow us to save the Favorites Toolbar settings for backup. Thanks.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: A Paint Roller tool.
on: August 10, 2021, 01:52:02 PM
If I understand what you are describing correctly, this feature exists in Art Studio Pro. There is an option in the tool settings for the Bucket Fill Tool (and Pattern Bucket Fill Tool) called Lasso. It’s right at the top of the options. It’s been referred to as “Lasso Fill” on these forums. You can set the blending mode to erase in the tool options to make it act like an eraser. It’s handy to set one of the buckets to erase, so you can quickly fill and erase by switching between those tools.

Unfortunately there isn’t much documentation about this feature out there, it’s pretty tricky to find. but it works really well.

Thank you so much for this detailed explanation. I now know how this works! It does work but there’s a problem…it only works in the current session when using this. There is no way I know of to make this a permanent tool to use whenever I need to. I would have to select the bucket fill tool. Open the options in the 3 dot color bar to get to the settings of the current tool and change the blend mode to erase. But this only works on the current session. The minute you CLOSE the options for that bucket fill tool…it reverts back to normal. Is there any way to keep this tool with the setting I choose it like that so it’s always set to “erase” in the blend mode?

Edit: Very important detail. You have to change the BLENDING mode to OVERLAY…not ERASE. Because erase will literally only erase the underlying layer. Another detail…you can save this bucket fill tool setting only in the Favorites toolbar. So set your Bucket Fill tool to lasso, change the blending mode to OVERLAY and then hit save on the Favorites toolbar. Now you have the bucket fill tool that remembers your setting. Procreate is probably going to get something like this pretty soon. They mentioned something about “favorites”…so being able to save tool settings in a favorites toolbar makes sense.

Lucky Clan, please tell me there’s a way to save the Favorites because it’d be hell to lose all those toolbar settings if something goes wrong and I have to reinstall the app. Resetting all those brushes would take forever. Not to mention I won’t be able to remember all the exact settings I set up after fiddling for all the sliders and buttons to get them where I want them. If there isn’t a way to save those settings in the Favorites…please make this an update soon. Because we would definitely appreciate having the ability to save Favorites in a folder online like in Dropbox or whatever and being able to restore directly from Dropbox and such.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / A Paint Roller tool.
on: August 10, 2021, 12:10:35 PM
Sorry…I just had to violate my own terms to post this thread to remind Lucky Clan we need this. A paint roller combines the lasso tool, polygon tool in one and immediately fills the color of the object without having to do this separately. A paint roller eliminates the need to use the lasso tool separately and closing it to fill the marching ants of the selection with color. The paint roller does the job immediately. Although Procreate doesn’t have this…Infinite Painter DOES. This is the killer tool that Art Studio Pro needs. One reason I’m still using Infinite Painter is BECAUSE they have the paint roller tool. If Lucky Clan implements this paint roller tool feature…I wouldn’t have to use Infinite Painter anymore. It’s that simple. So, Lucky Clan developers…if you’re reading this…please do it. This is literally a no brainer.

You can go back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Show your work / A married couple
on: August 09, 2021, 08:37:21 AM

This issue has been mentioned before but never got noticed…until now that is. I even brought it up myself.

Replying to other posts in a thread doesn’t violate my promise not to discuss issues as long as it’s not me bringing them up in separate new thread discussions.

Coming to ASP from Procreate I’m finding it hard to understand why Lucky Clan is not allowing percentage measurements to control settings in Dynamics especially for color pressure. You get the visual graph setting pressure, tilt and velocity but no precise way of controlling the amount per setting. In Procreate you go to color pressure settings and you’re able to precisely set the percentages on each category. Why is this missing in ASP? I think this section needs to be revamped to allow percentage measurements.

Sorry for breaking my promise not to post anything else after my last post saying I’d stop after saying all I had about issues with ASP…but I had to make an exception here because this dynamics section is very important.

I wouldn’t have known about the grid if they only made it optional. Now that I’m forced to see it…I see the merits.

Fine…then make it optional. Nobody is forcing you to see it if you don’t want it. I happen to appreciate that Procreate background grid and hope Lucky Clan implements it.

I can confirm this is the same thing I’m seeing. I posted about this problem before but Lucky Clan hasn’t responded. Until this issue is fixed I’m setting the Blending tool to Brush and Current and Below layers only.

If it helps…I’ve said all I need for requests for ASP from this point on. My last request was for the background grid…which I hope can be implemented soon. This is a useful feature. The Clip Studio Paint feature requests are my favorites I’d love to see brought into ASP…but since I’m sure they have a lot on their plate as it is…I’m not going to complain.

This needs to be considered for the very next update. ASP should follow Procreate and introduce a background grid for ASP. This simply makes it easier to “see” the document placed on the board. So when you change the orientation or the angle the background grid makes it easier to see the location of the document. The “black” background is not only too plain and boring…it doesn’t tell you the orientation of the document and its scale. The background grid, like Procreate has, would fix this.

Anyone here who has Clip Studio Paint? Because I think it has the best blending tool of all the painting apps on iOS. I’m wondering if anybody knows of any settings to make to the ASP blending brush to give it the closest approximation to Clip Studio Paint’s settings? Thanks.

I wanted to add that you’re able to switch between the saturation and luminosity of the color value whenever you want.

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