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I’m noticing that ASP doesn’t remember your chosen brush when setting them on the toolbar on the menubar. If I select a favorite brush and set it to open up when I choose that brush it should remember only that brush set up for use. But when I go elsewhere on the toolbar and return back to the same brush choice it fails to register. This happens after a few canvases are used. I’m wondering if this is a memory cache issue. Because I’m only noticing this issue now when I opened up a fresh new canvas to create artwork and choosing the top icon for the brush I’ve set up did I notice it not recalling the brush I set it up for. This issue has caused me to “remember” what my brush setting was for and that’s troubling. I shouldn’t need to remember the brush I set. I’m curious if the new toolbar favorites presets is what’s causing the issue. Because now that I have the favorite preset toolbar..I can simply click on that instead. But this defeats the purpose of having the brushes separate on the toolbar on the top left side.

Unfortunately this bug can’t be reproduced at will to show the issue. I just noticed this behavior last night. I suspect is has something to do with the color wheel being confused about the size dimension of the canvas. Because it “sees” a canvas right next to it and assumes this is the canvas even though it’s open in a much bigger canvas may have confused its programming logic. But again this issue hasn’t repeated anymore but I’ll keep an eye on this issue.

 If you open Reference View and import a photo while opening up the color wheel...the color wheel goes to the middle of the canvas and can’t be moved to the side of the screen. You can move it up and down but won’t allow you to move the color wheel to the side of the canvas while working on an image. The only workaround is to close ASP and reopen the project. Then the color wheel is unmoored and will be able to move it to the side of the screen.

Coming in from Procreate I'm finding the color wheel in ASP very small. I'd like to have the freedom to see the colors more easily if the color wheel could be resizable. Can this be done in a future release please? Thanks.

I can’t recall if the ability to create a color palette from a photo automatically is available in ASP. I know I can do this manually...but would really like to see this ability be automated to save me time. Am I missing something because I can’t find this in ASP.

I’m referring to the new Artstudio 3.1 released yesterday. The new Favorites Presets Toobar is great. Now if only it could be detachable. This way it can be open at all times. Would help a great deal.

Paintstorm Studio has this nifty idea where you're able to scale the size of floating panels with a slider. And I immediately thought of Infinite Painter which allows you to use your fingers to resize the brush by sliding your fingers on the canvas. Why not use this idea for the size of the ASP interface? You use your thumb or finger across the screen to scale the size of the interface giving you more room to work with on your iPad device. Borodante complained about the toolbar flyouts being too big when you open them up. This sliding thumb idea to resize the interface should be considered.

So how about this idea, Lucky Clan?

I checked to see if the settings in Artstudio for pencil only mode finger undo was enabled. It was. I also checked to see if two or three finger undo was enabled. It was also enabled as well. However, after doing a series of random scribbles I tested to see if undo would undo all the scribbles. It undid most of the scribbles on the canvas...but not all of them. In fact it failed to undo all the scribbles. I had to manually erase  the remaining scribbles. I’d classify this as a bug. I’d like to see this confirmed.

Yeah, I know you can do slide over and side by side with ASP. can’t open a second instance and put it next to the other one. Benefits being you can work on same image using TWO color swatches at the same time. Sorry. I couldn’t help myself since I’m coming from CorelDRAW days. I’ve been spoiled rotten having the ability to open multiple color swatches AT ONCE. Betcha Procreate can’t do that as well, right? Well? Getting this ability would put a leg up on Procreate. Borodante would be impressed.

Does he post on the forum in here?

I have two/three finger tap to undo enabled in settings and it’s not working on my 2018 iPad Pro. I’m forced to hit Edit/Clear to undo an action.

Edit: False alarm. Apparently the finger undo option wasn’t enabled in Settings. Now it’s working.

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