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You can keep the shortcut for laso tool and Liquify tool (it is called elastify in Art Studio pro) on top of your toolbar just like procreate. Procreate does not offer any such customization while ASP does. I think devs should keep these two tools on top as default when the app is installed for the first time so that the people coming from Procerate feel at home. Photoshop and CSP users can always customize.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: 4.1.1 blurry pixelated bug
on: July 13, 2022, 01:44:24 AM
I am also facing this issue. I thought I have too many layers that is why it is happening. Turning a layer on and off also triggers it.I also noticed that It happens if the canvas is at an angle.

Suggestion 1- I agree. A dedicated base layer will be very helpful.
S3- ASP already has a ‘clear layer’ option. You can put it on the toolbar for quick access or map a quick menu slot to it.
S4- Yes, a slim version of all floating panels is needed. The brush panel is already slimmed down with the 4.1 update. I think devs are working on resizing option for layers and color wheel too.

Thanks for adding more memory markers.  :)
Is stroke feature planned for future ? If not, then please consider adding it with the pen tool in future.

Adjustment layers are not imported because we don't have many adjustment options from photoshop so imported document would look much different...
I have used brightness/contrast, curves and exposure layer. My issue is, these layers although present in the layers panel are not working like they don’t exist at all. Are you saying that the results of these layers will be different in desktop photoshop and art studio pro because that is still okay but the layers not working at all is the issue here.
If I open the same file in clip studio paint then all layers are working and showing the same photoshop kind of results as they should.

Re: shift clicking to draw lines, try the line drawing mode! It’s better than photoshop’s shift clicking thing, and better than auto shape for drawing straight lines. Faster, real-time preview, requires no keyboard or secondary input and supports pressure sensitivity if the brush uses it. It’s handy to put an icon for it on the toolbar or quick menu, or make a favorite out of a brush with it activated, the setting gets stored in the favorite.
You can find it in the tool options panel (open via icon at the bottom of the brush sliders).
I was aware of this feature but never tried it. I thought auto shape is good enough but after reading your reply I tried it and it is pretty good. For some reason I still prefer shift clicking. May be I need to use this feature more to change my habit.

3) you can add stroke in Layer Effects (tap Fx icon in Layers panel)
Thank you for the detailed reply. Both issues are resolved. Regarding feature requests, I was talking about stroking a shape made from lasso and marquee tool. Currently we can do that by the following process.

Make a shape > contract or expand it by few pixels > add desired stroke color by using paint bucket tool. I think a dedicated stroke feature would be great.
Can we have more than 5 memory markers? Procreate has shorter size/opacity sliders so 5 seems okay for it but Art studio can have 8 or 10 IMO. I think a dash instead of a dot may be easy to view and more consistent with the design of the app. I don’t know. You decide  :)

Ist issue
I am on iPad OS 16 and following things are not working.
1) Exporting the files from Procreate and then sending it to Art Studio pro is not working. (It worked on iPad OS 15)
2) Going to file manager and opening any psd file is also not working.
3) Opening Files app from Art studio pro and then trying to open any psd is also not working. The PSD file is greyed out.

Only way right now to open a PSD files is
File> New >New from file.

2nd issue
Is there any way to store files locally instead of storing on icloud? Some other useful option like G drive/ One drive or local storage is needed. Also, Is there any way I could save a psd file instead of art Studio own version and then save future edits on that psd files?

Features request
1) Autoshape editing after lifting the pen.

2) Brush memory markers on the brush side panels. Right now, Procreate has 5 of such markers. Art Studio pro with longer sliders could have 10. I think it is a very clever feature and supplements the need to have a dedicated brush size panel like Clip stuido paint.

3) Can we have a stroke feature? I read that you are implementing pen tool so stroke will be even more useful in future. You can put stroke in 'select' menu above 'contract' option.

4) Shift click lines. In photoshop, If we hold shift and then start putting brush dots anywhere on canvas then Photoshop automatically start joining the dots by straight lines. It is very helpful to draw things with straight lines precisely. It is far better than autoshape for straight line drawing.

Thank you :)

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Autoshape Updates?
on: June 19, 2022, 03:15:30 AM
This is needed even before animation features. Other features needed are brush size markers on the brush size sliders like we have in procreate.

We will consider adding audio track in future versions...
That’s great. Thank you for considering this. You always listen to what your users want.  :) :)

+1 to line thickness option. Right now, it is really hard to see the perspective lines.

Yeah, it would be really cool!
But using a dedicated video editor is probably the best way to go.
Luma Fusion is cheap and easy to use as an example.

Users with 2,4, and 6 GB of RAM will probably end up using virtual memory. And everything slows down to a crawl.
Original animation drawings, animation cache and then adding audio files to the mix will be problematic to fit into physical memory.
An iPad with 8-16GB ram will probably work. But personally, I can't afford one and I guess it's not only me.  :)

The audio track is not for post production or sound effects. It is there to sync the animation with the audio. Art studio pro can impose any limit on the size of the audio file such as, there will be just one audio track of xyz duration, the audio file must be below 5 MB or below 128 kbps or even lower. That doesn't matter. The audio needs not to exported with the animation either. It is there just to create animations in sync with the audio or voiceovers. High quality audio or sound effects can be added in video editors once the animation is ready. I have Luma fusion it does not even support keyframe easing. The feature is under Beta testing for the last one year with no release date so far. 

I imported a file in art studio pro which was made in photoshop. It was 335 MB with about 50 layers. I observed that everything is working as it should but the adjustment layers even though present are not working. Procreate, Infinite painter, sketch book etc cannot even open that file. But clip studio paint for iPad not only opens the file but does it a lot faster than Art studio pro and adjustment layers are also working fine in clip studio paint.

Since procreate never implements requested features (adjustment layers is still not there in Procreate which is lame) so an audio track could be a big opportunity for Art Studio pro. You could write on your app store page something like...

Art Studio pro, the best digital art app on iOS now with animation feature and an audio track. Yes, you heard it right, an audio track to sync your animations.

We will rather not audio track in Artstudio. You can easily add it in iMovie or other apps.

Audio track is not for post production or to be added later. It is there to sync the animation with the audio. Audio track is a hugely requested feature even or procreate forums. If you implement it then a lot of procreate users would happily switch to art studio for animation work. The audio track needs to be with basic cut/paste and delete function or if that is difficult then just a simple track with no editing feature would also do for now.

Both suggestions, colored menu and visible tools are great. I also want to see a search feature in quick menu options selection menu and an ability to change the function from quick menu itself.
Another function which would be great is multiple quick menus like Procreate has.

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